This documentation has been prepared solely for rescue workers, who have undergone a special training in the field of technical assistance in the even of traffic accidents and related scope of activities. Specifications and special equipment of ŠKODA vehicles as well as the vehicle offer of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. are constantly subject to any changes. Therefore, ŠKODA AUTO a.s. expressly reserves all rights in respect to adaptations or changes of the contents at all times. Please note that the information contained in this document is not intended for final customers and also not for workshops and dealers. Final customers can find detailed information about the functions of their vehicle as well as important safety instructions relating to the vehicle and occupant safety in the log book of each ŠKODA vehicle. Workshops and dealers can obtain the necessary repair information from their suppliers. Each model overview depicts the maximum possible equipment of a vehicle General information on search and rescue can be found in the Guidelines for Rescuers document.