Information about Open Source Software

Within its product development, ŠKODA AUTO a.s. also uses software components, which are distributed as so-called Open Source Software (OSS). OSS is defined as software that is made available by their developers free of charge as long and to the extent as the respective license conditions (OSS licenses) are met, and that may be distributed by its licensees, e.g. ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Some of the applicable licenses require that we provide the respective recipient with license texts, copyright notices, and to some extend the source code and other required materials of the OSS components and, if applicable, derivative works thereof.

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. will provide you with the license text, the copyright statements, the source code, and the required materials for the OSS components relevant for the respective product (OSS-information) as required by the OSS licenses in case OSS is used in your vehicle. Such provision will take place in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable licenses. Please send an email to and we will get in touch with you.

In the event we need to create and deliver a data carrier, we will charge you a handling fee. We will calculate such handling fee based on the quantity of OSS components, the amount of requested code, the required data storage device, and the applicable shipping costs. If you request the provision of source code, we will individually clarify the details required for the delivery with you.