Whatever model you choose from the Škoda range, you’ll always find yourself in possession of a car delivering a peerless combination of thrilling design, a sumptuous interior, the latest connectivity options, and high-end technology. Škoda models are primed to help you every day, whether you’re ferrying your family around or going on business trips. Choose your new Škoda.

Which powertrain suits you best?



Plug-in hybrid

Mild hybrid



Škoda outdoor models

Regardless of whether you're going grocery shopping or taking your family to the mountains for a skiing trip – the Škoda outdoor models have always got your back. You can rely on a rugged, powerful Škoda, capable of conquering all weather, surface and terrain. A car that goes where others get hung up. It’s time to get muddy and go to places no ordinary vehicle could reach.

Škoda eco models

Taking an environmentally friendly approach to what we do involves all everyday life activity. Since driving is usually a big part of that, we understand the necessity of designing vehicles that do not damage the environment and provide, in parallel, exceptional economy, interior space and comfort. All the smart decisions you take when choosing your next car will contribute to a healthier planet and a better future for your family.

Škoda sporty models

By opting for any of the Škoda sports models, you become one of us. A member of one of the oldest racing enthusiast clubs in the world, more than 110 years old. And just as we fuse Škoda cars with practicality and sophisticated solutions, adrenaline and the yearning to race flow in their blood in equal measure. The RS, Sportline and Monte Carlo versions have nothing to hide. 

Your personal digital hub

With Škoda Connectivity, you’ll never be cut off from the outside world. Enjoy Škoda Connect online services to reach your destination on time and in comfort. Connect your smartphone via the SmartLink interface to control selected features comfortably with the infotainment system. You can also charge it wirelessly in the Phone Box and connect via Bluetooth or USB so that you are always online.

Škoda driving modes

Drive a different Škoda every day. Driving Mode Select and other on-board systems lets you align the character of your whole car with your current mood. 

You drive, we care

One of the primary objectives during development of Škoda cars is to offer all passengers the maximum possible level of safety. Find out more about active and passive safety systems designed to protect you whatever the circumstances.

Comfort for everyone, no exeptions

Travelling in a Škoda is an experience not only for the driver. All passengers will appreciate the generous space both in the front and in the other rows of seats, the ease of connectivity, and clever details such as personalised car keys and back seat protection for your four-legged friend.

Small details, big difference

Further unique Škoda components can be found in Simply Clever elements: each model features a host of smart details and solutions that will make every day easier for you. See for yourselves.

Škoda cars are waiting for you

Find out the details about equipment, check out the price list, or order a test drive.