Takata Driver Airbag recall campaign

Danger to life due to defective airbags

The global recall of Takata airbags affects models manufactured by Škoda as well as many other manufacturers. This means that if there is a faulty airbag in your vehicle, it could pose a serious safety risk to you. On the following page, you can find more information and check if your vehicle is affected.


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Software issue

Diesel Engines EA189

Volkswagen has implemented technical measures to eliminate deviations in the software installed in the diesel engines. Škoda also obtained engines of the type EA189 from Volkswagen Group and used them in Škoda cars. Find out if the software issue concerns you.

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Other recall campaigns

(Except for Takata Driver Airbag topic)
We want to ensure that your Škoda vehicle is safe and owning Škoda is great experience for you. When a recall campaign is issued, we want to ensure that the problem is fixed so you can enjoy your car properly. Find out if an recall campaign concerns you.

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