Our Brand campaign

The Brand campaign is the first manifestation of our new strategy. It’s the first time when we introduce Škoda as a companion to explore the world. A bold partner to accompany you throughout your life, just like our protagonist. A truly global campaign, it is going to be our main communication platform to customers across the globe, in our established markets as well as emerging ones.

Make every km count

Kilometers on a Škoda odometer are not a measure of distance travelled. The odometer doesn't measure distance at all. It measures experiences gained; opportunities seized, and curiosity followed. It measures feelings, moments, and stories. Lessons learned and questions answered. It measures life. We want people to explore the world around them. Embrace their curiosity. Make every km count.

Let’s Explore

It's a call to action for all of us to do what has defined us from the beginning: exploring for the new and the better. We will reflect this spirit in everything we do: in products, with confident and solid designs that prioritize sustainability; in communication, with empowering stories of curiosity; in our Simply Clever features, with smart new solutions; or in our services granting access to everyone to explore the world around them. Because the more we explore, the smarter we become.

Our purpose

We will help the world live smarter.

For a company that’s been around for over twelve decades, we are consciously aware of the world we live in. A world where too much choice often results in too much confusion. The only way out of this is to offer solutions that make life easier. That is the smart way. But the smart way isn’t a rigid rulebook. It’s a path that explores smarter ways to build products, run a company, and find new answers to the same old questions.

Our role

Your bold companion to explore the world.

Journeys, whether big or small, are always better when you have a travel partner you can count on. Our role, then, will be that of a bold companion dedicated to helping you explore the world. Someone who encourages you and inspires you, sparks your curiosity, and gets you to your destination in solid style.

Our mission

Modern accessible mobility with everything you need and surprises you love.

Our mission will help to translate our vision into something tangible. Getting from point A to point B should be easy and efficient and bring pleasure with every mile. Our job should be to enable your inherent curiosity, allowing you to explore what’s out there. As such, our mission is to provide modern accessible mobility solutions with everything you need and surprises you love.

Our values

Škoda brand values define who we are and where we are headed. And they are part of everything we do, every day.


Being human means recognising that we’re all the same because we’re all so different. It means to smile at our loved ones and, sometimes at total strangers. It means meeting people’s needs before they even become a need. It’s living for the big moments. And celebrating the small ones.


To keep it simple isn’t all that simple. So how do we do it? We start with removing what’s not important. Till all that’s left is all that really matters. We create a place for everything and put everything in its place. Because when you have less to worry about, you have more to live for. It’s that simple.


We love a good surprise, just like you. Being surprising means getting more than what you were expecting. Or when something beautiful does something useful. Or when you experience more without spending more. Surprises aren’t just for plot twists in a thriller. They’re crucial for that other movie, the one we star in daily. Life.

Our design language

The shape that the Škoda brand takes as we move forwards will also be reflected in the way our cars are sculpted. Solid, rugged lines will give you the confidence to explore freely and feel protected at the same time. Materials and shapes will blend to offer a sense of ease and simplicity coupled with a signature look. Welcome to Modern Solid – our unique approach to mobility solutions that look solid, feel authentic and remain functional.

Our corporate design

It’s not just our cars that have been given an exciting makeover – so has the brand. We’ve refreshed our corporate identity with a new logo, wordmark and an updated communication toolkit. Together, they reflect Škoda’s forward-looking mindset.

Our future

Forwards to the future: Škoda in 2030

For a brand as ambitious as Škoda, the only way to predict the future is by inventing it. This means creating a strategic roadmap reflect the changing needs of a changing world. Electrification and digitalisation are at the heart of the Škoda Next Level strategy, with EVs making up at least half of our product portfolio. This strategy also outlines a concerted reduction in CO2 levels, improved profitability, and the three-pronged approach of Expand, Explore and Engage to boost volumes and brand engagement.