Take control of your entire fleet management process with Škoda Fleet Configurator. Our B2B application strengthens your relationship with Škoda Auto and its dealers while revolutionizing how you create, validate, and request for offer new cars for your fleet. Say goodbye to cumbersome procedures and welcome a new era of efficiency and personalization.

Why Škoda Fleet Configurator?

Tailored management

Empower your company with its own tool for setting the company’s Car Policy. Divide and optimize it for specific user groups, ensuring seamless workflows and tailored experiences for every team.

Enhanced efficiency

Our clearly defined system and automated validation process streamline information sharing and expedite approvals. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and welcome faster decision-making.

Employee benefits

A personal configurator is a game-changer for every employee entitled to a company car. Empower your team with a tool that allows them to personalize their configurations and align with their preferences.

Completely free

Enjoy the benefits of Škoda Fleet Configurator without any financial burden. Our entire solution is provided to you completely free of charge.

Key features of Fleet Configurator

Roles in the Fleet Configurator

Company Fleet Manager

Take charge of the configurator as the decision maker. Set limits for individual or a group of employees, approve their configurations, and place requests for offers with dealers. Everything is managed within a user-friendly interface with clearly defined processes.

Employee of the Company

Say goodbye to Excel tables and complex communication. As an employee, you have the power to configure your company car effortlessly. Simply follow your policy, compare options, and send your configuration directly to your manager.

Škoda Auto Dealer

Collaborate seamlessly with the company fleet managers. Receive new requests, help them optimize configurations, and even send them special offers. Communication within the tool is just a click away.

How to get started?

Firstly, as a Fleet Manager you need to register your company through One Business ID - Group-wide B2B identity solution containing authentication and authorization for all Škoda touchpoints with securing a secure access for the customers.

How to register
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As a Fleet Manager, you must create your organization's ID through One Business ID, which gives your company unique access to Volkswagen Group's digital services for business customers. Once you have registered your organization, you can manage this centrally and easily log in to digital services such as Connect Fleet or Vehicle Data Access with a single user ID. More info can be found here.

As a Dealer, you must request access to the Fleet Configuration through the Škoda B2B Portal.

Yes, the fleet manager can send the request for an offer to a dealer or a leasing company (third party). However, lease companies cannot access the tool; therefore, they will receive it via e-mail.

Škoda Fleet Configurator is free of charge.