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Assembly manuals

Follow the user manuals to install Škoda Genuine Aceessories on your car correctly. You can also have it installed at your authorised Škoda Service.

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High quality. Independently tested.

Alloy wheels Child seats Roof rails
Under the dynamic design and extremely hard layer of paint, you will find rigorously tested materials.
When it comes to child seats, we rely on excellent results in independent tests.
In exacting tests, roof rails must remain on the car body even at a force of 12 G.

How can I spot a fake product?

  • Unclean packaging, spelling errors on packaging, missing logo on packaging
  • No part number (9 - 14 digit numeric letter code)
  • Poor product quality
  • Low purchase price

Please, buy from reliable sources only and if you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact us via Škoda Infoline.