What is our mission?

To protect our customers, we take action against all those who use the Škoda trademark without authorisation. In our fight against counterfeit goods, warnings are issued, legal steps are taken and we try to ensure that all fake products are destroyed. We want you to always be able to rely on our brand, and high standards that come with it.

What do we keep our eye on?

  • Genuine Parts
  • Genuine Accessories
  • Vehicle design
  • Branded Goods
  • Companies

How can you spot a fake product?

  • Unclean packaging
  • Spelling errors on packaging or label
  • No parts number (9 - 14 digit numeric letter code)
  • Poor product quality
  • Missing logo sequence on cardboard box or packaging
  • Low purchase price

What do we do to fix this?

We intercept fake products at the borders.

We take legal action against fake manufacturers.

We work with law enforcement to find the culprits.

We need your help

To be successful, we need your help as well, so we are asking for your cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us via our Škoda Infoline. Please buy from reliable sources only. Thank you for your help in fight against fake products!