Why to use a genuine oil?

Škoda Genuine Engine Oils have been designed specifically for your car and ensure maximum output with low fuel consumption.

First-rate reliability when cold starting

Excellent engine lubrication even in extreme weather

Long life and oil-change intervals

Meets the demanding criteria of VW standards

Quality is essential

Engine oil is one of the most important factors influencing the reliability, service life and consumption of your car’s internal combustion engine. Quality oil guarantees proper lubrication, thus reducing friction and preventing the excessive wear of the engine parts. It also protects against corrosion, stops the engine from being clogged up with dirt, and helps to seal parts and cool the engine. The Škoda Genuine Engine Oils have been thoroughly tested to provide smooth, long-lasting operation.

Oil change rules

Regular changesDesignated engine oilRely on professionals
Oil needs to be changed regularly at intervals determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
You must only use lubricants conforming to your engine’s requirements.
Authorised Škoda service partners know your vehicle best and offer the best service.

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