When to visit Škoda Service?

Regular inspections

If you have an Enyaq, you should have a regular service every 2 years, but this is not dependent on the mileage. The car itself or the MyŠkoda mobile app will tell you how often you need to visit a service centre. You can also find service intervals in your Owner's Manual.

Seasonal inspections

To make sure that your car is well prepared for the upcoming season, whether summer or winter, your authorised Škoda Service provides special offers. These inspections include a check on the status of the tyres, brakes, battery, fluids, headlights and many other areas.

MOT testing

Your authorised Škoda Service will prepare your car for its MOT testing. Where necessary, they will fix any issues found, subject to your agreement, so that you can be absolutely sure that your car is going to pass the tests.

What does an electric Škoda need?

EV Maintenance

Battery check

Car software diagnostics

Connect services check

Regular component check

What do all Škoda cars need?

WheelsBrakesFresh air

Wheel or tyre changes

Wheel balancing

Wheels storage

Wheels alignment

Brakes check

Brake pads change

Brake discs change

Brake fluid filling or change

Air-conditioning check

Air-conditioning cleaning

Cabin filter change

Air filter change

Compare costs

Use our interactive tool to compare costs between an electric car and an ICE car.

Tyre Hotel service

Wheels & tyres

Škoda Genuine Accessories offers exclusive alloy wheels that can be fitted in various design and colours for Škoda models.

What do you appreciate?

Convenience services

Direct reception

Service Cam

Courtesy vehicles

Vehicle pick-up and return

Why is servicing of electric cars cheaper?

Unlike petrol or diesel engines with their thousands of moving parts, an electric motor does not require so much attention. It means lower maintenance costs in general compared to conventional combustion-engined cars.

Battery & Safety

Interested in learning more about an electric car battery’s protection and lifecycle, and the safety of electric cars in general? Then just click below.

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