Škoda Enyaq

Alloy wheels


Supernova black metallic

Aquarius anthracite metallic brushed

Aquarius silver metallic brushed

Vision black metallic

Neptune black metallic and red

Neptune silver brushed

Asterion anthracite metallic brushed

Asterion silver brushed

Crystal black metallic

Crystal silver metallic

Proteus black metallic

Proteus silver metallic

Winter complete wheels

Škoda Fabia

Alloy wheels


Riegel black metallic brushed

Riegel glossy black red

Procyon anthracite metallic brushed

Procyon silver metallic

Canis black metallic

Canis silver metallic

Ursus black metallic brushed

Proxima anthracite metallic brushed

Hadar black metallic

Hadar silver metallic

Winter complete wheels

Škoda Scala

Alloy wheels


Blade silver brushed

Vega black brushed

Crater silver

Braga silver

Geneva black brushed

Stratos silver

Kajam anthracite brushed

Alaris silver

Montado black brushed

Nanuq silver

Italia black

Winter complete wheels

Škoda Octavia

Coming soon...

Alloy wheels


Draconis black brushed

Elias black brushed

Altair silver brushed

Becrux silver brushed

Comet black

Perseus silver

Avior black brushed

Luxon anthracite brushed

Nevis black

Aries anthracite brushed

Lyra black

Slagard black brushed

Velorum silver

Velorum black

Alasia silver

Škoda Superb

Alloy wheels


Aniara black and anthracite

Aniara black brushed

Helix black brushed

Helix silver brushed

Dofida anthracite brushed

Dofida silver brushed

Trisuli black brushed

Trisuli silver brushed

Crystal black

Crystal silver

Škoda Kamiq

Alloy wheels


Crater anthracite brushed

Vega black brushed

Blade silver brushed

Stratos silver

Geneva anthracite brushed

Braga silver

Kajam anthracite brushed

Nanuq black

Italia silver

Montado black

Alaris silver

Winter complete wheels

Škoda Karoq

Alloy wheels


Vega black metallic

Cetus black red

Crater anthracite

Cetus silver brushed

Hydrus matt black brushed

Corvus black metallic brushed

Trinity anthracite

Corvus silver brushed

Triton matt platinum

Ratikon black metallic

Aronia anthracite brushed

Kuma silver

Spitzberg black metallic

Spitzberg silver metallic

Castor silver

Nanuq silver

Winter complete wheels

Škoda Kodiaq

Alloy wheels


Venus anthracite brushed

Venus black brushed

Venus silver brushed

Atria anthracite brushed

Atria black brushed

Atria silver brushed

Gigaro anthracite brushed

Gigaro black brushed

Gigaro silver brushed

Trifid black

Trifid silver

Wheel care & Style pack

Car wheels are like shoes. No matter whether the “shoes” of your Škoda are stylish, sports-tuned or purely functional, Wheel care & Style pack offers a multitude of items thanks to which your wheels will be even more attractive… and belonging only to you!



Wheel or tyre changes

Wheel balancing

Wheels storage

Wheels alignment

Tyre Hotel service

More about servicing and maintenance of cars with:

Quality matters

During production, we choose modern materials that guarantee maximum durability and resistance to all types of damage. The wheels themselves are made of high-quality lightweight aluminium alloy and their surface finish is an extremely hard, heat-resistant lacquer. All alloy wheels have passed Škoda Auto’s strict homologation tests. See for yourself how our alloy wheels perform in thorough testing comparing to non-original products.

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EU tyre label

Tyre information under Regulation (EU) 2020/740