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ŠKODA Diplomatic Sales


1. Can I buy more vehicles with a diplomatic discount?

The diplomatic discount can be applied to the purchase of one ŠKODA vehicle per year.

2. Can the discount be applied to cars from the ŠKODA Plus program or stock cars?

No. The diplomatic sales offer is valid only for ordering new vehicles. All cars are produced due to your requirements.

3. I can use another Certificate of Exemption from VAT and Customs in English or Czech language than you give to me?

The VAT and customs exemption certificate is a standardized document used within the EU, but each country has its mutation. You can use any version accepted by the financial administration / institution in your locality with verifying that it complies to Directive 2006/112 / EC - Article 151 and Directive 2008/118 / EC - Article 13.

4. Can I get the vehicle manual in English?

Owner's Manuals are delivered in the Czech language, on request we can provide the English version of the manual online. If necessary, we can also provide you with a printed manual form.

Owner's Manuals in all languages can be downloaded HERE.
You can also watch video manuals HERE.

5. Where can I find the current offer of diplomatic discounts?

The current diplomatic sales offer will be sent to you by the relevant ŠKODA representative.

6. Can I use ŠKODA Car Configurator or should I visit a local dealer?

The vehicle can only be configured via the Czech ŠKODA Car Configurator. No need to go to a dealership.

You can configure your dream car HERE.

7. Can I have special requirements like color and wheels combinations, or can I only choose from available variants in ŠKODA Car Configurator?

Only variants offered in the Czech ŠKODA Car Configurator are available.

You can configure your dream car HERE.

8. Can I order genuine accessories?

Yes, you can order the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories, but they are excluded from the diplomatic discount. We recommend to purchase genuine accessories from your local ŠKODA retailer. 

You can find a list of our importers' websites with dealer locator or contacts HERE.

9. Can I book a test drive?

Test drives are not provided as part of the ŠKODA Diplomatic Sales program. If you are interested in a test drive, it is necessary to arrange it with your local dealer individually.

You can find a list of our importers' websites with dealer locator or contacts HERE.

Alternatively, the test drive can be arranged at the ŠKODA Customer Center in Mladá Boleslav. You can book it HERE.

10. Is the "Service Plus" prepaid service valid only in the Czech Republic?

Yes. This service is valid only in the Czech Republic.

11. How long is the waiting time between order and delivery of the car?

Production of the vehicle takes between 3-6 months from passing the order to production. Production time depends on many factors, including selected model, equipment, accessories and other criteria, and can be changed.

12. Where will the car be handed over?

In case of vehicle handover in the Czech Republic, the handover is performed in the ŠKODA Customer Centre, that is located in Mladá Boleslav. Handover in the Czech Republic is only possible for diplomats based in the European Union. In any case, you have the opportunity to choose an importer who operates in the country of your mission. The vehicle will be handed over in the moment it passes the customs procedure.

Please note that the vehicle will not be handed over to you until you have VAT and customs exemption certificate confirmed by ŠKODA (valid for EU countries).

13. How long are the transport plates  valid and how much do they cost?

We arrange transport plates for the price of 450 CZK. Their maximum validity period is 3 months, based on length of insurance (in the case of insurance for one month, valid for one month). The customer determines the insurance for the transport plates, therefore the price of the insurance depends on the insurance company.

Please note that a precondition for securing transit registration plates is a certificate of vehicle insurance and a verified power of attorney for processing the application for registration of the owner in the motor vehicles register.

14. What is the vehicle registration process?

The customer registers the vehicle himself. Costs associated with vehicle registration are not included in the invoice

15. How is the diplomatic discount calculated?

The diplomatic discount is stated in the ŠKODA Diplomatic Sales offer and varies according to the car model and equipment. The diplomatic discount is calculated from the price of the vehicle without VAT. At present, the basic VAT rate is in the Czech Republic 21%.

It is possible to invoice without VAT if one of the following conditions is met:

- The diplomat shall provide ŠKODA with a certificate of exemption from VAT and excise duty confirmed competent authority, or

- The car is delivered to the country of the diplomatic mission, which is outside the European Union.

Discount calculation formula

VAT: car price with VAT * 21/121
Price without VAT: car price with VAT - VAT

16. Are there any additional costs associated with transport?

The costs associated with transport depend on the handover process of the vehicle. If the vehicle is handed over in the Czech Republic, the only additional costs are registration plates (included in the invoice) and insurance (paid to the insurance company).

If the vehicle is handed over in another country, the transport costs are calculated on the basis of the country and ŠKODA dealer selected for delivery.

17. Who can I contact for after-sales support?

After the sales transaction, you can contact your ŠKODA dealer or service partner for any support relating to your vehicle.

You can find a list of our importers' websites with dealer locator or contacts HERE.