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Škoda Diplomatic Program


1. May I purchase more vehicles with the diplomatic discount?

The ŠDP applies to the purchase of just one Škoda car per year. The next car may be ordered one year after the date of billing of the last car purchased as part of the ŠDP.

2. Can the discount be applied to Škoda Plus cars or cars in stock?

The ŠDP applies only to newly ordered vehicles (all the cars are custom made for each specific diplomat).

3. Can the documents be completed by hand and submitted as scans?

Yes, all the required documents can be completed using a computer or by hand, signed, scanned, and the scans sent to us. However, please remember that the Compliance Document must be signed by the senior official in charge AND stamped by the authority within which the diplomat is on a mission.

4. Can I send my diplomatic passport as a scan only?

Yes; please proceed in accordance with the manual for scanning (diplomatic) passports and blank out all the information we do not need to know before submitting the scan. Along with the (diplomatic) passport scan, it is necessary to submit the other required documents, fully completed.

5. Who completes the formal obligation and the compliance document?

The Formal Obligation is to be completed by the diplomat who requests a new car under the ŠDP. The Compliance Document must be completed by the senior authority/head in your area of mission/embassy.

6. When do I send the required documents?

To order your car, we need the following documents:

1. Completed Formal Obligation
2. Compliance Document completed and confirmed by the relevant authority
3. Signed GDPR Form
4. Scan of your diplomatic passport with the specified data blanked
5. Your car’s configuration in the .pdf format, generated in the Czech Škoda Car Configurator.

Once your car has been manufactured and we have received the final invoice, we will ask you for the following documents:

1. Proof of payment
2. Original VAT and/or excise tax exemption certificate completed by the relevant authority/person.

Once the vehicle has been handed over, we will request the following documents:

1. Copy of the car registration certificate
2. Copy of the car handover certificate.

7. Can I use a certificate different from the one by Škoda Auto?

The VAT/excise tax exemption certificate is a standardized document used in the EU, though every country has its specific version. You can use any version accepted by the financial authority/institution in your site, provided it meets Article 151 of Directive 2006/112/EC and Article 13 of Directive 2008/118/EC.

8. Can I have a car manual in English?

Car manuals are automatically provided in Czech; manuals in English are available in electronic form (use the link below):

MyŠkoda Mobile app:

9. Where can I find the current offer of diplomatic discounts?

Team Škoda will send you the current ŠDP offer further to a prior arrangement.

10. How do I use the Car Configurator? Should I visit a Škoda dealer?

Vehicles can only be configured using the Czech version of the Škoda Car Configurator. There is no need to seek a Škoda authorized partner.


11. Can I have special requests for car configuration?

Only the variants in the Czech Škoda Car Configurator can be used under the ŠDP offer.

12. Can I order Škoda accessories along with the car?

The new car configuration must not contain Škoda Original Accessories. Diplomats can purchase ŠOP from a Škoda authorized partner.

13. Can I book a test drive?

Test drives are not provided as part of the ŠDP. If you want a test drive, arrange this with a Škoda authorized partner on an individual basis:

Alternatively, it is possible to arrange a test drive at the Škoda Customer Centre in Mladá Boleslav:

14. In which countries do the prepaid services apply?

Škoda Mobility Plus as a prepaid service is available in the Czech Republic and abroad:

Škoda PrePaid Service is only available in the Czech Republic:

15. What is the waiting time from ordering to the delivery of the car?

The delivery time depends on the current production capacity and many other factors, including the selected model and other criteria, and may change over time.

16. Where will the car be handed over?

If the car is to be handed over in the Czech Republic, this will take place at the Škoda Customer Centre in Mladá Boleslav.

Another option is to receive the car from a Škoda importer/authorized partner in the country of your mission (selected countries only).

Please be aware that the vehicle cannot be handed over to you before you provide Škoda Auto with a certified original of the VAT or excise tax exemption certificate (this applies to EU countries).

17. How long are transit plates valid, how much do they cost?

The price for the license plates is announced when the configuration of the car is agreed. The maximum term of their validity is three months and depends on the insurance term (if the insurance is valid for one month, the plates are also good for one month). The transit plate insurance is to be arranged by the diplomat; the price of the policy depends on the insurer. Please note that the issue of transit license plates is subject to a certificate of car insurance and a certified power of attorney (original copy) to register the owner in the motor vehicle register.

18. What is the car registration process?

Each diplomat registers their vehicle. The costs associated with this are not included in the billed price of the new car.

19. How is the diplomatic discount calculated?

The diplomatic discount is specified in the Škoda Diplomatic Offer (ŠDO) document and depends on the vehicle model and trim type. The diplomatic discount is calculated from the vehicle price exclusive of VAT. The current basic VAT rate in the Czech Republic is 21%.

Formula for calculating the car price with the diplomatic discount under the ŠDO is as follows:

• VAT = car price including VAT * 21 / 121
• Car price exclusive of VAT = car price with VAT - VAT
• Discount = car price exclusive of VAT * discount amount under the ŠDO / 100
• Car price after discount = car price exclusive of VAT - discount.

Billing exclusive of VAT is possible subject to satisfying one of the following conditions:

• The diplomat submits an original certificate of VAT/excise tax exemption confirmed by the relevant authority in the country of the mission to Škoda Auto
• A shipping company exports the car to the country of the diplomat’s mission outside the EU. Škoda Auto must provide the documents for exporting the vehicle to countries outside the EU.

20. What is the process of paying for the car?

The payment must be made in full as a credit transfer within the term defined in the invoice issued by Škoda Auto.

21. In what currency do I pay for the car?

We accept payments in CZK and EUR. Diplomats are advised to ask for an invoice denominated in EUR in advance.

22. Does shipping involve additional costs?

Shipping costs depend on the car handover process.

If the vehicle is handed over in the Czech Republic, the only extra cost is the transit license plates.

If the car is shipped to a country other than the Czech Republic, the costs associated with shipping and handover will be calculated on an individual basis depending on the country of destination and the selected Škoda authorized partner.

23. When do I receive the COC document?

Once the car has been paid for, we will provide you with a scan of the Certificate of Conformity (COC).

24. Who can I contact for after-sales support?

If you need any support relating to your new car, you can contact your nearest Škoda authorized partner.