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Seat Belts

A seat belt is the primary safety device for a vehicle’s driver and passengers. It secures the wearer against unintentional movement and even ejection from the car during a collision, roll-over, or sudden stop. Seat belts also ensure that the airbags (where equipped) are as effective as possible by keeping the vehicle’s occupants positioned correctly.

Reversible seat belt pretensioner

The reversible seat belt pretensioner is part of the seat belt retractor. If the vehicle detects a critical driving situation, the reversible seat belt pretensioner automatically pre-tightens the seat belt by pulling it against the wearer’s body. This ensures that the passenger is held in place and better prepared for a possible accident. When the situation passes, the pretensioner automatically releases the seat belt.

Lap pretensioner

The lap pretensioner is part of the seat belt assembly and replaces the end belt (buckle) fitting. It is designed to increase the efficiency of seat belt tensioning and improve the system’s restrictive effect.

Seat belt high adjuster

The seat belt height adjuster is mounted on the upper side of the car’s B-Pillar. It features a button with a release so that it can be moved up or down. This is important for the correct positioning of the seat belt between a car occupant’s neck and shoulder. A correctly positioned seat belt makes the occupant more comfortable and increases safety.