For ŠKODA, electric vehicles are more than just cars with an alternative power source. They open up an entirely new chapter in our 125-year history. This is also an opportunity to introduce you to the world of environmentally friendly iV subbrand models and their fully connected ecosystem, making eMobility as straightforward and convenient as possible for you. And that’s just the beginning. By 2025, we will offer five fully electric vehicles. Expect more fun, less emissions, more possibilities and less restrictions. Join us on our journey into the future!


The all‑electric ŠKODA CITIGOe iV and the ŠKODA SUPERB iV plug‑in hybrid make eMobility Simply Clever – offering quick charging, long ranges, affordable prices and nimble dynamics. The ŠKODA iV range perfectly exemplifies how we will move you into the future: with intelligence, efficiency and fun.

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What is it like to live in iV style? Check out the brief overview of the main features of our electrified models to see how they can help you in your daily life.


All electrified iV models feature state-of-the-art Li-ion battery technology with the highest possible energy density, developed with safety as our highest priority. Our Battery Management System ensures optimal performance over thousands of charging cycles.


The eMobility lifestyle is teeming with advantages, and as the electric revolution grows, it’s only going to get better.



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300 Charging Points

It is not just electric cars that are important for the future of electrical mobility. Electric cars need charging. That’s why ŠKODA is already operating and testing 300 charging points at its Czech plants.

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Purchase Subsidies, Zero-rate Tax and Toll-free Travel...

With eMobility on the rise, the governments of many countries are looking for ways in which they can support this trend. They are setting rules that will make purchasing electric cars cheaper or favour their operation over conventional vehicles.

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Recharging instead of Refuelling...

eMobility is not just about electric cars. The building of related infrastructure is crucial for its development. Electric car drivers will put more effort into planning longer trips and this will gradually change their driving habits.

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