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App & Charging

What is Powerpass?

Powerpass is a public charging solution for iV ŠKODA customers. The customer can charge anywhere in our network with one card and app.

How can I get Powerpass?

Download the Powerpass app to your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play, fill in your personal data, choose your tariff and order an RFID card.

Will the Powerpass app be integrated into the MyŠKODA app? Or does the customer need 2 separate apps?

As of this moment, the customer uses the separate Powerpass App for charging purposes. The possibility of integration into MyŠKODA was considered and it is not feasible at the moment. The integration will be reevaluated later on.

Is the Powerpass also available for PHEV?

Of course – it is for all electrified ŠKODA cars.

How much of the market will be covered?

There will be almost 220,000 charging stations all over Europe.

Where can I charge my vehicle?

Thanks to Powerpass, you have access to a comprehensive charging network. You can find supported charging stations via the charging map in the app.

If the card is contract based (meaning 1 card per account), is it the same for the app? Or can I see my account on my second phone/ tablet?

It is possible to log in to multiple devices with one account.

How and in what form will the MSP contract between Elli and the customer be signed?

There is no physical contract to be signed, the contract is finalised digitally through customer registration. When the user registers he/she has to accept the Terms of Service.

What should the customer do if he cannot authenticate at the station?

Check your Powerpass application to see whether you have an active subscription and that you have an RFID card paired and set as the default for charging.

If the app doesn't work, use the RFID card to authenticate and charge. If this is a recurrent problem, contact customer support. Contacts can be found on the RIFD card or in the app.

What should the customer do if he cannot authenticate via RFID card?

Contact the customer support line provided on the charging station.

What should the customer do if the station does not charge?

If the station is not responsive or not delivering kW’s, contact the customer support line provided at the charging station.

What should the customer do if he cannot see the charging history?

If a completed charging session does not appear immediately, it is still being processed between the CPO and MSP provider. Please wait until the next day, and if the most recent charging session still doesn’t appear, contact customer support. Contacts can be found on the RIFD card or in the app.

Can I charge a different car than ŠKODA with Powerpass?

Yes, you can, but at this moment, a customer who does not own a ŠKODA iV vehicle can only register to the Charge Free tariff.

Is is possible to charge with Powerpass app even before I received the physical card?

No, to pay for charging with the app, you have to pair it with an actual physical card, therefore it is not possible before your card arrives in the mail.

Can I get the Powerpass even if I don't own a ŠKODA iV car and am, for example, borrowing it?

Yes, you can, but at this moment, a customer who does not own a ŠKODA iV vehicle can only register to the Charge Free tariff.

Where can I charge in public?

You can charge at almost 220,000 charging stations across Europe with Powerpass. All stations can be found in the Powerpass app.

What features do I get with the Powerpass app?

First of all, you can order your Powerpass card through the app. Apart from that, the app is packed with useful features, such as a search&find function for chargers, remote charging control, charging history and so on. User can also get special deals, and the Powerpass app allows you to track your home charging sessions with the ŠKODA iV Charger as well.

What types of charging can I get with Powerpass?

With Powerpass you will get access to all types of public charging. You will be able to use both AC and DC public charging stations and on top of that you can also use superfast IONITY charging stations.

Prices & Tariffs

Which tariffs does Powerpass offer?

You can choose from three tariffs – Charge Free, Simply Charge and Charge Faster. More information can be found HERE.

What does the Charge Free tariff consist of?

This is our basic tariff that allows you to charge without any monthly fee. If you travel longer distances you should consider either the Simply Charge or the Charge Faster tariff that provides better prices for charging.

What does the Simply Charge tariff consist of?

This tariff is suitable if you travel longer distances. It requires a monthly fee, but on the other hand it gives you lower prices for both AC, DC and IONITY charging than the Charge Free tariff does.

What does the Charge Faster tariff consist of?

This tariff is suitable if you travel longer distances and want to charge more quickly and cheaply. It requires a monthly fee but provides you with lower prices for both AC, DC and especially IONITY fast charging than the Charge Free and Simply Charge tariffs do.

Will the charging cost per KWh be lower than the official price?

The prices are determined by Elli. The goal is to have competitive prices, especially compared to “ad-hoc” prices.

Does the tariff include any part of charging or is it only a fixed access fee?

The tariff will provide the customer with access to charging stations throughout Europe. Charging is not included in the tariff. The customer pays for the charged energy themselves, based on their actual consumption.

How the price will be displayed to customers?

The customer will see the price at the charging point on the map.

How will the customer be charged?

The customer will receive an invoice at the beginning of each new month with details of all charging sessions.

What should the customer do if he cannot see his invoices?

If the customer does not receive the invoice until the 5th day of the month, verify that is enabled on your mailing list. If invoice is still not available, contact customer support. Contacts can be found on the RFID card or in the app.

How is the Powerpass paid?


Powerpass Card

How can I get a Powerpass card?

In the Powerpass app, when choosing a tariff.

How many cards can be registered for 1 vehicle (at VW only 1 card per vehicle)? What does a family do (must the card always stay in the car)?

There can be only one card per contract. So, if the family wants to use several cards, they need to sign as many contracts. Unfortunately, the aggregators don‘t allow for multiple cards per contract so far. However there will be a function implemented into the app which allows the customer to authenticate sessions remotely without using the physical card.

Is the card necessary? Can I use only the app for authentication?

The card is necessary; many of the existing charging points are not able to communicate with the app yet.

How do I activate my RFID card?

When you receive your card you need to pair it with your account in your Powerpass app, then it‘s activated.

Is the card connected to the electric vehicle?

No, it is connected to the user's account and stays with the customer.

How does the customer get an RFID card?

The card will be send directly to the customer's home address by post.

Can the card be blocked to prevent misuse, if, for example, it is lost?

If a customer loses or misplaces a card, the RFID card can be blocked from the Powerpass application. Under the “My Powerpass Cards” section in the main menu, the customer selects the card he/she wants to block. Upon selecting the card, details of the card are shown, and can be blocked using “Block card” at the bottom of the page.

How can I get a new card if I lose the original one?

After losing an RFID card, please contact to request a new card.

Can I use my MSP card for Wallbox?

Yes, you can.

What should the customer do if the RFID card cannot be paired with the app?

If the RFID card is not already paired with another account, contact customer support. Contacts can be found in the app or on the RFID card.

Can I have a company Powerpass, similarly to a CCS card?

No, Powerpass is for retail customers only.

How long does it take to receive a physical card?

5 to 7 working days.

Can I use Powerpass without the physical card, for example using the NFC technology on my phone? Can I do that if I don't have the physical card yet?

Powerpass does not support NFC technology. Before your first charging, it is necessary to pair the physical card, then the app can be used for the authentication at the station. Even so, we recommend that the customer always has the RFID card with them.