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What is wallbox?

We use the term “wallbox” to refer to the wall-mounted charging point for electric vehicles. The wallbox is the physical system that provides electricity to a vehicle when it is plugged in by a cable.

Does ŠKODA AUTO provide its own branded wallbox?

Yes, it is called the ŠKODA iV Charger and has AC charging power up to 11 kW.

Who is the ŠKODA iV Charger intended for?

The ŠKODA iV Charger is specifically developed for customers who want to install an AC charging station for regular charging at home.

What versions of wallboxes does ŠKODA AUTO offer?

The basic iV Charger and smart iV Chargers Connect and Connect+.

What does it mean smart wallbox?

Smart wallbox usually has some communication interface (WiFi, LTE) and has some smart functions like RFID authorization or tracking charging history. All smart functions are control by app (called Powerpass in case of iV Charger Connect/Connect+).