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Can the customer choose between numerous tariffs? What are the options?

There are three tariff options - Charge Free, Simply Charge, Charge Faster. For more information, please visit:

Does the tariff include any part of charging or is it only the fixed access fee?

The tariff provides the customer with access to charging stations throughout Europe. Charging costs are not included in the tariff. The customer pays for the charged energy based on their actual consumption.

How will the customer be charged?

The customer will receive an invoice at the beginning of each new month with all charging sessions.

Does the 12-month period start with the registration of the car or with the subscription?

The 12-month period starts with the subscription.

Is it possible to change the tariff?

It is possible to upgrade your tariff under the "Subscriptions" tab in the main menu. If the customer is eligible for a tariff upgrade, an "Upgrade tariff" button will be visible. It is not currently possible to downgrade your tariff via the app.