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Where can I order a new RFID card for my iV Charger?

If you have a Powerpass card, you can use it. If you need more cards, contact your authorized ŠKODA dealership or our customer care hotline.

Where I can add my iV Charger card?

Go to the Main menu, click on "My Powerpass Cards", select "+" (at the top right of the screen), input the card code from the back of your RFID card at the prompt in the application.

How can I unpair my iV Charger RFID card?

In the "My Powerpass Cards" section, you can only block your RFID cards. The current app version does not directly allow the RFID card to be unpaired.

Can I use one RFID card on two and more accounts?

The current version of Powerpass does not allow you to share a card between accounts.

How can I name the wallbox RFID card?

The current version of the application cannot name the RFID card.