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How can I connect my iV Charger to WiFi?

Turn off the iV Charger (using a circuit breaker), turn on the iV Charger, wait until the blue LED on the iV Charger lights up, connect to the WiFi iV Charger hotspot (you can find the login details on the configuration sticker), log in to the web configuration manager, select Connectivity, click WiFi, and connect to your WiFi.

Does the smart iV Charger need an internet connection?

The Connect and Connect+ versions of our ŠKODA iV Charger need an internet connection to communicate with our servers. Of course, the iV Charger can be temporarily used without an internet connection, but all the smart features (charging history, authorization changes, etc.) will be temporarily unavailable.

How can I set the power limitation?

Currently iV Chargers cannot adjust the charging power via Powerpass app. However, there is possibility to reduce charging power during wallbox installation via DIP switches.

Authorization mode cannot be changed. What I have to do?

Authorization mode cannot be changed during charging and when the iV Charger is disconnected.