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How and in what form will the MSP contract between Elli and the customer be signed?

There is no physical contract signed, the contract is digitally confirmed when the customer registers. When the user registers, he/she has to accept the Terms of Service.

Can I activate multiple contracts for one vehicle?

The special offers provided for ENYAQ iV vehicles are limited to a single use. Therefore, the discounted contract can only be activated once per vehicle.

How do I receive invoices and where can I see them?

The customer receives 1 invoice per month, for all the charging done in the previous month. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail and can also be seen in the app.

Does the contract expire automatically after 12 months?

Yes, the contract expires after 12 months.

What should the customer do if they cannot see their invoices?

If the customer does not receive the invoice by the 5th day of the month, verify that is enabled on your mailing list. If the invoice is still not available, contact customer support. Contacts can be found on the RFID card or in the app.

Why am I missing a charging session in my invoice?

You may be missing a charging session in your invoice because it has not yet been properly processed by the energy provider. If the charging session is processed during the next month(s), it will appear on the next available invoice.

Is the charging contract linked to the vehicle or the customer?

The contract is connected to the customer, and stays with the customer.