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Why don't I see the volume of energy in my Home charging history?

The Only Connect+ version has a certified electricity meter inside the iV Charger. If you have the Connect+ version and you don't see the volumes, contact our customer support. The RS485 connector may not be installed correctly.

The charging status in the app does not match the iV Charger status.

Check your iV Charger internet connection. If it is online and not charging, reset the iV Charger manually via the circuit breaker.

I cannot disconnect the charging cable from the car. What can I do?

Firstly, try unlock your car and you should be able to remove the plug connector. If your car is unlocked but the cable can still not be removed, try interrupting the charging session (by app or by hard restart of wallbox). For emergency plug release see official car manual.

How do I restart my charger via App?

If you are using a Charger Connect/Connect+ you can simply trigger restart via your app. To do this, access the settings of your charging station and tap "Restart".

How do I hard restart my charger via power supply?

All versions of iV chargers can be restarted by interrupting the power supply (mostly via the fuses in the control cabinet). After waiting for approx. one minute, power supply can be re-established.