Bi-LED headlights

The Bi-LED headlights also include LED side lights (designed for turn lighting and supporting the dipped beam at lower speeds) and LED corner function. The front fog lights are located in a well-defined space in the lower part of the bumper. Besides their practical function, they also play a design role.

Lane Assist

The system is capable of keeping the car in the middle of the correct lane and of alerting the driver in case of deviation. It can also take control of the car in the event of lane changes during roadworks.


The infotainment display is positioned above the lowered air-conditioning vents and is much more accessible to the driver. It differs from previous generations not only in its visual appearance, but also with its new features: eSIM for Care Connect or Infotainment Online services and SmartLink to connect the car wirelessly to a mobile phone via Wi-Fi.

Virtual Cockpit

With its 10.25" display, the digital instrument panel (Virtual Cockpit) can offer you on-board computer specifications in combination with other necessary information for your trip, such as navigation. You can choose from five layouts (Classic view shown) controlled via the View button on the multifunctional steering wheel.

Park Assist

Minimise the hassle of parking in tight spots with Park Assist. It automatically selects an appropriate parking place and safely parks in a row of parallel or perpendicularly parked vehicles.

Driver Alert

Driver Alert detects signs of fatigue in the driver and prompts the driver to take a break. This system monitors the driver’s behaviour, evaluates the degree of their tiredness and, if necessary, recommends the driver to stop and have a rest, thus reducing the risk of dangerous situations that might result from the driver’s fatigue.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The radar cruise control keeps the vehicle at a chosen distance from the car in front, mostly accelerating and braking automatically. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatically keeps a sufficient distance from vehicles moving ahead (max. 160 km/h or 210 km/h), dynamically, depending on the movement of the vehicles ahead or on a driver-defined safety distance. Besides the speed, the driver can also progressively configure the distance as well as the dynamics of the control on the operating lever of the steering wheel.

Front Assist

A system designed to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead, including automatic slowing down and braking, and to warn the driver of the danger of collision or, if a collision is inevitable, minimise its consequences by braking. It also detects if a pedestrian or cyclist dangerously attempts to cross the path of the car, using a sophisticated signal evaluation algorithm.


KESSY (Keyless-Entry-Start-and-Exit-System) allows drivers to use the car without having to pull the car keys out of their pocket. The car can be unlocked after mutual identification between the KESSY starter module and the transmitter in the car key, which has a range of about 1.5 metres. After grasping the right or left front door handle, which has a touch sensor on its outer side, the car unlocks.

Traffic sign recognition

The Travel Assist system uses the camera in the rear-view mirror to scan the traffic signs on the current stretch of road and notify the driver of traffic signs. The system is able to identify signs on both the left and right sides, as well as above the road. Moreover, it is able to identify variable traffic signing, too (electronic information boards).


The SmarLink integrates the well-known interfaces Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink™ into one combined platform. The phone might be connected to the car systems with a cable, using one of two front USB-C slots (not simultaneously). The system can now also be connected wirelessly for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Service Scheduling

With Service Scheduling, you no longer have to fret about when to book another service. Your Škoda service partner and your car will take care of this. The vehicle reports any required servicing to the backend server. The details are sent to your preferred service partner, who contacts you proactively to schedule an appointment.

Petrol Stations

Use Petrol Stations to keep up to speed on the best fuel prices around. Browse a list of petrol stations, their location, and current prices any time you want in your infotainment system. Enter them in the navigation or simply view garages selling your fuel type.

Lock & Unlock

Do you need to lock or unlock your Škoda, but you are too far away from it? This feature can significantly ease life in many situations, for example when you forget to lock the car or want to let somebody else inside. It allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle through the Škoda Connect Portal or Škoda Connect App. It works without any distance limitation.

Online traffic information

Always reach your destination on time and avoid all obstructions along the way by receiving the latest traffic news on accidents, tailbacks and roadworks in your infotainment system, so you can respond instantly. The navigation also factors in this data and dynamically finds the best route.

Parking Position and honk & flash

Don’t panic about where you left your car in a large car park or unknown city. Parking Position consigns those worries to the past. The vehicle transmits its position data once after every trip. After retrieving the data via smartphone or smartwatch, you can find your parked vehicle using its GPS position.


Škoda Digital Assistant Laura, which is available for the Amundsen infotainment system, is a new advanced voice control system, which is also able to understand natural speech. It can be activated simply by saying “Okay, Laura” – there’s no longer any need to press a button or perform any other kind of action. The system can assign queries or instructions to suitable topics and take action accordingly. When asked, it can navigate the user to a specific destination, pick out their favourite music or write out dictated text messages. 

Car Access

New function Car Access, which is part of MyŠkoda App, allows selected external partners to deliver goods or services directly into your vehicle without your presence.

Online personalization

This service allows you to set, save and restore settings within vehicle. All of the settings are synchronized with Škoda ID account. This brings a possibility of an easy transfer of settings between different vehicles.