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Company History

1946 - 1955

After the war, Czechoslovakian economic activities are affected by the nationalization process. The branch factories in Kvasiny and Vrchlabi become a part of the company. The socialist era begins, which completely changes the direction of the Czechoslovakian automobile industry.


The automobile works is restructured under the new name AZNP (Automobilové závody národní podnik – ‘Automobile Works National Enterprise’). Production of the Škoda 1101 was launched. The model was more commonly known as the ‘Tudor’ due to its bodywork.


Škoda wins the President’s cup in the 1000-km race Montevideo - Melo Montevideo.


The armour-plated government special (‘VOS’) marks the end of production of mid-size and entry-level luxury cars in Mladá Boleslav for a long time to come.


Škoda introduces the sedan 1200. One noteworthy innovation is the all-metal bodywork replacing the formerly used wood and metal combination. In Europe, the all-metal body only begins to be widely used at the end of the 1950s.


The Škoda 440 Spartak is launched on the market.