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Company History

1926 - 1935

After the company merger, the factory is enlarged and equipped with modern line production. In 1930 the factory is struggling with the world-wide economic crisis and introduces to production a car with an entirely new concept - the Škoda 418 Popular becomes the basis for individual product lines.


The Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer is introduced under the new trade name ‘Škoda’ at the international motor show in Prague. One of the first cars to bear the name is the roadster type 150.


Škoda implements the revolutionary flow production, which enables making 85 cars per day.


Škoda car production is concentrated at the independent company ‘ASAP’ (Akciová společnost pro automobilový průmysl - ‘Shareholding company for automotive industry’), a subsidiary owned by the Škoda Works Pilsen.


The Škoda 633 model becomes the most successful six-cylinder of the period.


Developing the central-tube frame for the 420 Standard marks a milestone in chassis construction, laying the foundation for lower weight and, as a result, higher fuel efficiency of future models.


With the Popular, Rapid and Superb Škoda introduces a new successful generation of vehicles with the modern central-tube frame and OHV engine. The Popular evolves to become a Czech people‘s car, breaking the record of 5,000 cars produced in one model series.