The three-spoke multifunction steering wheel is fitted with controls on both spokes. The voice, volume and radio controls are on the left, assists, showing the previous menu (VIEW button) and (where appropriate) Maxi DOT controls are on the right. You can choose from several steering wheel styles, differing in materials and functionality.


A heat pump significantly increases the car's range in cold weather. It has both a heating and cooling function and is able to maintain the required interior climate more efficiently and at the same time reduce the load on the battery capacity.


Area View enables you to view the cars immediate surroundings on the radio/navigation screen. A total of four cameras provide the reassuring all-round view. The images from the cameras are processed digitally and shown in real time in the infotainment display. With the 180° wide-angle lenses at the front and rear, your’s field of vision is even extended by the areas 90° to the left and right of the vehicle’s foremost and rearmost points.


The 13" touchscreen makes the infotainment system more intuitive and user-friendly. It will also come in handy when using the navigation. The touch slider can be used to change the music volume, zoom in and out of the map, or change air-conditioning temperature.


The head-up display projects important information such as the speed, navigational information, detected traffic signs or activated assistance systems directly onto the windscreen in immediate view of the driver, allowing them to read it without taking their eyes off the road.


You can now cool down your car before departure. The desired temperature level is set and air-conditioning is activated via MyŠKODA app. You can choose whether the air-conditioning shall be activated only when the vehicle is connected or disconnected to a charging station. In addition, windshield heating can be activated.