Multifunction steering wheel

The three-spoke multifunction steering wheel is fitted with controls on both spokes. The voice, volume and radio controls are on the left, assists, showing the previous menu (VIEW button) and (where appropriate) Maxi DOT controls are on the right. You can choose from several steering wheel styles, differing in materials and functionality.

Heat pump

A heat pump significantly increases the car's range in cold weather. It has both a heating and cooling function and is able to maintain the required interior climate more efficiently and at the same time reduce the load on the battery capacity.

Area View

Area View enables you to view the cars immediate surroundings on the radio/navigation screen. A total of four cameras provide the reassuring all-round view. The images from the cameras are processed digitally and shown in real time in the infotainment display. With the 180° wide-angle lenses at the front and rear, your’s field of vision is even extended by the areas 90° to the left and right of the vehicle’s foremost and rearmost points.

Infotainment display

The 13" touchscreen makes the infotainment system more intuitive and user-friendly. It will also come in handy when using the navigation. The touch slider can be used to change the music volume, zoom in and out of the map, or change air-conditioning temperature.

Head-up display

The head-up display projects important information such as the speed, navigational information, detected traffic signs or activated assistance systems directly onto the windscreen in immediate view of the driver, allowing them to read it without taking their eyes off the road.

Remote air conditioning

You can now cool down your car before departure. The desired temperature level is set and air-conditioning is activated via MyŠkoda app. You can choose whether the air-conditioning shall be activated only when the vehicle is connected or disconnected to a charging station. In addition, windshield heating can be activated.

Matrix LED headlights

This innovative system generates a light beam consisting of several segments, which it controls individually. This prevents other road users from being dazzled, despite the high beam being on at all times. The intelligent technology uses the camera on the windscreen to detect oncoming traffic as well as people and objects reflecting the light, and a control unit to immediately turn off individual segments of the light beam.

Remote charging

With this service you have the option of manually starting or stopping charging process if they have and unexpected early departure. This includes charging overnight or starting and stopping the charging process comfortably from their living room. Customer always have information on the remaining charging time and the currently available range. 

3-zone air conditioning

In the car equipped with 3-zone Climatronic air conditioning it is possible to set three autonomous thermal comfort zones in the interior: driver zone, front-seat passenger zone and rear-seat zone. The temperature range available in each of these zones is 16–29.5 °C. The Zone 3 temperature settings, normally controlled on the rear side of the Jumbo Box, can be deactivated in the infotainment system.

Front Assist

A system designed to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead, including automatic slowing down and braking, and to warn the driver of the danger of collision or, if a collision is inevitable, minimise its consequences by braking. It also detects if a pedestrian or cyclist dangerously attempts to cross the path of the car, using a sophisticated signal evaluation algorithm.

Side Assist

Thanks to two radar systems at the rear of the car, the Side Assist detects vehicles approaching from behind or that are in the car’s blind spot. The driver is informed of this by an LED signal on the inner edge of the wing mirror housings. While the familiar Blind Spot Detect has a range of up to 20 m, Side Assist can detect vehicles from a distance of up to 70 m away and thus also effectively warns the driver of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways.

Lane Assist

Lane Assist is a system designed to keep the vehicle in its lane and, if necessary, alert the driver of an unwanted lane change. The camera monitors the horizontal road marking, and the assistant intervenes in the steering to keep the vehicle inside its lane. The “adaptive lane guidance” mode is a smart function designed to intervene in the steering in order to keep the vehicle in the centre of its lane.

Predictive Cruise Control

Predictive Cruise Control works with a navigation system (that has the speed limits as well as start and end points of municipalities stored in map data) and a multifunction camera that recognises traffic signs. For example, when a car travelling on the motorway enters a conurbation, it decelerates to the speed limit in that zone, before accelerating again to the motorway speed limit on leaving the city.

Travel Assist

The Travel Assist system uses the camera in the rear-view mirror to scan the traffic signs on the current stretch of road and notify the driver of traffic signs. The system is able to identify signs on both the left and right sides, as well as above the road. Moreover, it is able to identify variable traffic signing, too (electronic information boards).

Automatic parking

The Intelligent Park Assist facilitates parking by semi-automatically steering the car into a longitudinal or perpendicular parking space. It can also steer into a transverse parking space from the front and automatically drive out of a longitudinal parking space. The Trained Parking saves route, that driver performed, in its memory so that the next time the car can be guided to the parking space fully automatically at the touch of a button. The assistant system controls steering and braking and prevents collisions.

iV Universal Charger

With our portable iV Universal Charger you can conveniently charge at home or on the road. With its compact dimensions and a weight of around 3 kilograms, the Charger is easy to transport. You can use it for charging via a normal household socket (up to 2.3 kW) or an industrial electrical outlet (up to 11 kW). Various interchangeable connectors will allow you to use practically any type of electrical socket.


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