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Thank you for using the application ŠKODA Radio Control, which is provided by ŠKODA AUTO a.s., with registered office at tř. Václava Klementa 869, Mladá Boleslav II, Zip code 293 01 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as "ŠKODA AUTO"). ŠKODA AUTO is a member of the Volkswagen Group and was founded under the Czech law.

Validity and purpose

ŠKODA AUTO as a part of the Volkswagen Group allows to use contents and functions open to the public for its customers (hereinafter referred to as “users”) on the base of these terms of use and other generally binding legal regulations for an operating period of this application. By using ŠKODA Radio control (hereinafter referred to as “application”) you acknowledge these terms of use and bind yourself to their unconditional compliance.

Safety and restriction of use

While using this application it is indispensable to comply with relevant national traffic rules, for example as for the obligation to pay full attention to driving the vehicle, within the territorial extent of use. The user acknowledges that while using the application he is always obliged to pay attention to driving in which case he as a driver bears full responsibility for traffic safety.

Change of terms of use and content of the application

  • ŠKODA AUTO reserves the right to change these terms of use by a manner acceptable for the user and solely with future consequences. The user will be expressively notified about the change of terms of use by the application and will be asked for an acceptation with the changed terms of use. The user is obliged to comply with the latest version of terms of use.
  • ŠKODA AUTO further reserves the right to extend or restrict the content and extent of application services or change its functions. ŠKODA AUTO accomplishes running adaptation and actualization of the application as for its technical aspects and content itself, which is necessary especially due to the fast progress of the Internet.
  • Due to the fact that this application is offered by ŠKODA AUTO as a free of charge to all registered users in which case all the users are being provided by the same standard of care and services, further using of the application by the user who has not accepted the changed terms of use or accomplished application´s changes is impermissible.

Unauthorized using; terms of use and the third parties rights

The user is obliged to respect copyrights, trademark rights and other rights of ŠKODA AUTO, the Volkswagen Group and the third parties as well while using the application (especially personality rights including the right to legal protection of personality). Users are forbidden to use the application in contradiction with these terms of use or relevant generally binding regulations. The user is obliged to abandon unauthorized using of the application in which case he is not authorized to integrate the application or its part into other web offers, regardless of whether it is private or public, and he is not allowed to use the application for commercial purposes.

References to possible breach of law and impermissible contents

  • ŠKODA AUTO respects all rights of the third parties and effective law. The same is required from the user.
  • In case the user comes to conclusion that contents of the application breach his rights, rights of the third parties, these terms of use or the effective law, ŠKODA AUTO implores him to inform the redaction by the contact form in the application immediately.

    ŠKODA AUTO applies/asks the user for following information in this sense:
    ID information of the person who is suspected of illegal using of the application; description/determination of the relevant content and its position on the website.
    If there is any suspicion that content of contribution of any user breaches copyrights, personal rights or trademark rights, it is necessary to present these information in case it is possible: description of alleged breach of law, information about concerned content position in ŠKODA AUTO application, depiction and if possible a certificate of possession, complete and correct name, address and contact information about the notifier.

  • ŠKODA AUTO reserves right to block the affected contribution ad interim and to exclude the user from other application using immediately after receiving the notice according to the letter b of this article. This process does not affect other rights of Volkswagen Group and ŠKODA AUTO, especially a possibility of using an accessible civil or criminal means for ensuring the protection of its rights or rights of the third parties.


Applications or the third parties are allowed to provide references on the Internet website or other sources. ŠKODA AUTO as a part of Volkswagen Group is not an owner of the aforesaid internet websites nor other mentioned sources and does not have any liability for the content accessible on them.

Operation of the application and disclaimer of guarantee

ŠKODA AUTO as a part of Volkswagen Group endeavours with maximum effort to ensure incident-free operation and running of the application. Nevertheless ŠKODA AUTO is not able to ensure that the application will always be running technically error-free and that the telecommunication network necessary for trouble-free data transfer will be always accessible as well.

Liability of ŠKODA AUTO

  • ŠKODA AUTO is liable for damages caused by intentional misconduct or gross negligence and is liable for what has been expressly guaranteed. Liability of ŠKODA AUTO for indirect damages (including lost profits) is disclaimed.
  • Liability of ŠKODA AUTO as a provider of the application beyond this scope is disclaimed. ŠKODA AUTO company is not liable especially for technical defects, which are not caused by ŠKODA AUTO in the area of its liability, and further for damages caused by vis major. ŠKODA AUTO further does not assume any liability for correctness, qualities, completeness, reliability, type and quality grade or trustworthiness of contents provided by the third parties. The user is expressively alerted that he uses contents of the third parties on the platform at his own risk, relies on them on his own risk and will not enforce any claims arising from the guarantee or product liability towards ŠKODA AUTO nor the third parties.
  • ŠKODA AUTO further is not liable for contributions uploaded by the user or opened to the public differently if its contents breach rights of the third parties and ŠKODA AUTO does not have any knowledge about it and in case of damages is not acquainted with any facts or circumstances, from which arise breach of the third parties rights, or ŠKODA AUTO has undertaken steps for erasing breaching law contents or has blocked access to them immediately after it has been alerted to ŠKODA AUTO.

Trade secret; data protection

ŠKODA AUTO gathers, processes and uses personal data about this application´s users solely in accordance with relevant generally binding legal regulations. Further information about the data protection in ŠKODA AUTO you can find in its statement.

Thereto it applies to this application:

  • Telephone
    Function „Telephone“ offers to its users optimal service for using in road traffic. Function call transfers the telephone number you are calling to the standard telephone application in your device, afterwards switches on the standard telephone application and makes a phone call. The directory of the application refers to the contacts from the directory of the telephone. There is no processing or saving of these data. Attention: Using this application may induce additional fees for telephone services depending on the country and particular provider.
  • Media
    Through this function you can display and play contents saved on storage medium (USB or SD) interconnected with the telephone or Infotainment system, as well as to control the car radio. Preferences are being stored locally. While using this function there is no transfer of data.

Miscellaneous, governing law, jurisdiction

  • These terms of use and using contents of the application shall be governed by the Czech law except for the conflict rules of the Czech international private law and the provisions of the United Nations Convention of April 11, 1980 on contracts for the international sale of goods.
  • Any disputes arising from or related to this terms of use shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction for the place of the registered offices of ŠKODA AUTO.

Contact information

The transparency and communication inside and outside of the Volkswagen Group are granted. Important information about ŠKODA AUTO a.s and contact information you can find here.

Registred office: tř. Václava Klementa 869, Mladá Boleslav II, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav
Identification number: 00177041
VAT number: CZ00177041
ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is registered in the Commercial register
held by Metropolitan court in Prague under section B, file 332

Info line
T +420 800 600 000 
e-mail: info@skoda-info.cz