ŠKODA Geocaching

How to search

Would you like to search ŠKODA geocoins?

Follow these instructions.

1. Sign up on Geocaching.com.
2. Click on “Play” which is situated in the menu in the upper part of the website.
3. Choose “Trackables”.
4. You will be redirected to the Trackables. Write the name of your coin or its code to the browser.

We recommend you to write the whole name of coins:

  • L&K ŠKODA 110 - 1929 Geocoins;
  • ŠKODA 1000 MB – 1966 Geocoins;
  • ŠKODA RAPID – 1935 Geocoins;
  • L&K VOITURETTE A – 1905 Geocoins;
  • ŠKODA FELICIA – 1962 Geocoins.

5. Confirm the name and you will see a list with all of the coins with this name.
6. Pick your coin and you will find out its location (look out! - your coin can still be on its way in one of the geocacher´s hands)
7. You can find the code of your coin by its name. This code will help you to find your coin location either on the website Geochaging.com or phone application.

Would you like to search for coins but you are not an activated catcher yet?

Don’t worry. Follow these easy steps:

1. Create an account on Geocaching.com.
2. Download this mobile app.
3. Let the adventure begin!