New Škoda brand identity

30. srpna 2022

Škoda Auto is taking its brand appearance to the next level with the most radical change to its corporate identity in 30 years. A new brand picturemark will be used to enhance the brand’s appearance on digital communication channels. The Škoda wordmark will be used more widely than the company’s picturemark. Škoda’s new brand identity will first be introduced in information and communication materials and then rolled out in future models.


The new styling uses entirely different typography based on symmetry and a combination of round shapes with borders. The most challenging element was integrating the caron above the S, which represents an important part of Škoda’s Czech heritage. The so-called háček is now integrated into the first letter. The research found that the typographic wordmark is easier to recognise and identify.


Škoda Auto will use two different green hues in its colour scheme: Emerald and Electric Green. In surveys, many respondents associated these colours with ecology, sustainability and electromobility.


The winged arrow symbol has also been transformed, although not as radically as the wordmark. Its simplified design is apparent at first glance. Škoda’s new picturemark will now be rendered without plastic 3D graphics. This is how the car manufacturer is responding to the shift towards even more digitalised communication. The simpler, two-dimensional picturemark is much more impactful, especially on mobile devices, and can also be integrated more flexibly into different formats.

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