The fourth-generation Superb is even more elegant, evocative and dynamic. The model impresses with a streamlined design, bold and sculptural forms, crisp lines and crystalline lighting. It is longer and taller, providing more space and up to 28 Simply Clever details to increase driver and passenger comfort.


Combi estateHatchback

The interior has been redesigned with a clear focus on customer centricity and optimal user experience. The cockpit now features a brand-new architecture that cleverly combines manual and digital controls. The new infotainment display measures up to 12.9". The centre console has a clean and uncluttered design, as the gearshift lever is now mounted on the steering column. The optional massage seats now include ten pneumatically controlled massage cushions and an extensive selection of programs, with four-way adjustable lumbar support. 


Škoda Smart Dials

Push-buttons with digital displays allow quick access to numerous vehicle functions. The two outer Smart Dials for the driver and front passenger control the interior temperature, seat heating, and seat ventilation, displaying the currently active function. The centre Smart Dial controls up to four different functions, such as the infotainment volume, fan speed, air direction, smart air conditioning, driving modes, and map zoom.


The Superb combines excellent fuel economy with great performance. Three modern and highly efficient petrol engines, two state-of-the-art diesels and a new plug-in hybrid with an increased electric range of more than 100 kilometres cover an output spectrum from 110 kW (150 hp) to 195 kW (265 hp).

For the first time, a mild-hybrid powertrain will be available, and all models are fitted with an automatic DSG transmission as standard.

The PHEV's high-voltage battery has grown by 12.7 kWh to 25.7 kWh. In addition, Škoda has increased the maximum charging rate at wall boxes and AC charging points from 3.6 to 11 kW, enabling the battery to be charged more quickly. It also allows DC charging with a maximum charging rate of 50 kW. As before, charging is also possible at 2.3 kW from a 230-V household socket.

The new Škoda Superb comes with numerous new or enhanced assistance systems. Turn Assist and Crossroad Assist make their debut in the Superb.

In addition to the familiar Predictive Pedestrian Protection feature, the standard Front Assist now also detects cyclists. Up to ten airbags, including a central airbag, ensure a high level of passive safety.

Sustainable materials

Škoda demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by using environmentally responsible materials for all interior textiles. The Essence trim level includes the Design Selection Studio, with choices for the Selection trim level encompassing Loft and Lounge, as well as the Design Selection Suite in Black and Cognac. The top L&K model extends the offer with the Design Selection L&K Suite in Black and Cognac, boasting leather sustainably tanned using wastewater from olive processing.


Length: 4,912 mm; 4,902 mm**
Width: 1,849 mm
Height: 1,481 mm; 1,482 mm**
Wheelbase: 2,841 mm
Headroom in front seats: 1,049 mm
Headroom in rear seats: 986 mm; 1,008 mm**
Luggage capacity: 645 l; 690 l**

* Preliminary data.
** Applies to the Combi estate version.


1.5 TSI (mHEV) 7-speed DSG 110 kW (150 hp)
2.0 TSI 7-speed DSG 150 kW (204 hp)
2.0 TSI 7-speed DSG 4×4 195 kW (265 hp)
2.0 TDI 7-speed DSG 110 kW (150 hp)
2.0 TDI 7-speed DSG 4×4 142 kW 193 (hp)
Plug-in hybrid
1.5 TSI iV* 6-speed DSG 150** kW (204 hp)

* Combi estate version only
** Combined maximum power output (combustion engine and electric motor)

Rigorous tests under extreme conditions

The new generations of Škoda’s Superb and Kodiaq model series have successfully completed an intensive international test programme. Over a period of two years, they covered more than a million kilometres. The test drives exposed the cars to temperatures of -30 °C as well as almost 50 °C in the Arizona desert.

Moreover, Škoda Auto had them towing trailers on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and tested various charging infrastructures. With numerous additional endurance and material assessments on test rigs and in the laboratory, Škoda simulates 40 years of real-world vehicle use.

Testing in the Arctic Circle

The new generations of Škoda’s Superb and Kodiaq models have successfully passed intensive cold testing in the Arctic Circle. The vehicles’ functions, quality and durability were assessed in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The main focus of these tests was on driving stability, passenger comfort in icy conditions and overall reliability during long winter journeys. In addition, the vehicles had to withstand the extra weight of ice and snow. Every part of the test vehicles was scrutinised: chassis, body, engine, heating, and the entire electrical system.

90 years of success

The new fourth-generation Škoda Superb will be introduced this autumn, 90 years after the launch of the historic first model of the Superb range, produced between 1934 and 1949. Over 50 years later, the first generation of the modern Škoda Superb was released, marking the Škoda brand’s re-entry to the upper-mid-class. 

1st generation

Almost 137,000 first modern-generation Superbs were sold between 2001 and 2008, and it was the first Škoda model to introduce high tech features such as bi-xenon headlights, the automatic Tiptronic transmission and the Coming Home function. Right from the start, the first-generation Superb collected numerous prestigious awards, including “Best Import Car’” from the German “Auto Bild” car magazine.

2nd generation

The second generation appeared in 2008 and was the first to offer customers the choice of all-wheel drive. The Superb Combi estate version, introduced in 2009, sparked even greater demand. In total, the second-generation Superb recorded 618,000 deliveries to customers.

3rd generation

The third generation, introduced in February 2015, offered increased space for passengers and luggage in both body styles. It was also more economical, had lower emissions, and added innovative assistance systems for enhanced safety.

Plug-in hybrid

The flagship was again updated in 2019, with the Superb iV variant becoming the first Škoda plug-in hybrid model. So far, over 777,000 units of the third generation Superb have been delivered to customers.