Over-the-Air Software Update

FAQ – Before the Update

  1. Online vehicle – when your vehicle is running, make sure the light of the SOS module in your overhead console is green. If it is, this means your vehicle is “online” and able to communicate with Škoda servers.

  2. Active Primary User - Please make sure that your vehicle has a primary user assigned. If not, please add the VIN of your vehicle to your Garage in the MyŠkoda app and follow the proposed steps. You can also check out the video tutorial here.

  3. Network coverage – because Over-the-Air Updates are delivered to your vehicle via Škoda Connect services, cellular network coverage is essential for an update to be successful. If network connectivity becomes limited after the process has started, the update will be automatically resumed after network connectivity becomes available again. You can check your vehicle’s signal strength on the main infotainment display.

Updates are rolled out in waves across all vehicles that are in operation. You will receive an in-vehicle notification once the update becomes available for your vehicle.

Turn off your vehicle and you will see the notification (“Update available” button) in the Goodbye Screen.

No, even after the download has been completed, you’ll still need a signal strong enough for the actual installation. For example, if you usually park your vehicle in an underground parking garage, installation may not work. A data connection is required.

The high-voltage battery must be at least 50% charged to start the installation.

For the Enyaq iV, the new features will be explained in the Release Notes. These will be available under Further Information on your infotainment screen before and after the update is completed.

No, you cannot. Software optimisations are often prerequisites for all future updates, so all Over-the-Air Updates are important. Even small updates might introduce crucial optimisations necessary for future updates delivering new features to your vehicle. Your car cannot receive a new Over-the-Air Update until previous updates awaiting installation have been completed.

No, all Over-the-Air Updates are free of charge to our customers.

No, but you can postpone an update. To do so, simply tap Cancel on your infotainment screen after you have been prompted to install the software update. If you change your mind, you can always start the update via the option on the Goodbye Screen after you turn off your car.

No, the vehicle warranty will remain intact.

FAQ – During the Update

No, the update can only be started from the vehicle itself. Installation cannot currently be run remotely.

No, once the installation has started, it cannot be paused or stopped. Interrupting the installation process could cause serious issues and immobilise your vehicle. We recommend scheduling the update for a time when you do not plan to use your vehicle, e.g. overnight.

Yes, you can unlock and reapproach your car during the update process. However, if you do so within the first 10 minutes of the update, you must lock the car again quickly (within 2 minutes). After the first 10 minutes, only standard functional restrictions will apply. We recommend minimising any potential interruptions during the update process to ensure it is completed successfully.

If you can see the progress bar on the infotainment screen, the update is still in progress, and you cannot drive your car. Sometimes, the progress bar may still be visible after the estimated installation time has passed. In this case, we recommend waiting for an additional 10-15 minutes. If the update is still not complete by then, please contact your Škoda service partner for assistance.

No, the vehicle cannot be charged during installation. Please stop charging (if doing so) and then start installing the update. To successfully complete the Over-the-Air Update, please ensure that the state of charge is at least 50%.

During the update, MyŠkoda will display data from before the installation process began. Please also note that it is not currently possible to track the status of the update using the MyŠkoda app. Once the update is complete, the data in MyŠkoda will be refreshed.

If the Over-the-Air Update is still available, you will receive an in-vehicle notification to start the installation process again. Otherwise, please contact the Infoline via the “i” button on your roof module or ask your Škoda service partner how to proceed.

To complete an Over-the-Air Update, Škoda must collect the unique vehicle identification number (VIN), the vehicle’s connectivity and software status, and the in-vehicle consent to download and install software. No other personal information is collected or stored by Škoda for this process.

Škoda uses this information:
(a) to ensure that the correct software is downloaded and that the installation is successful;
(b) to maintain a record of the software associated with that vehicle that has been installed; and
(c) to document the primary user’s consent for the Over-the-Air Update to proceed.

Škoda uses this data in accordance with the privacy statement at: https://www.skoda-auto.com/other/personal-data

FAQ – After the Update

Sometimes the Over-the-Air Update only improves background functionalities or systems.

After the Over-the-Air Update is complete, you do not need to take any further action. Your car now has the latest software installed and you can continue to use it as normal. Simply turn on your car and enjoy the updated features and improvements.