Important facts for iV car servicing

Fewer parts in iV cars need servicing and maintenance, resulting in lower ownership costs.

Just like conventional cars, iV cars still require a regular service. Part of the service is an inspection of specific electric components, including the battery cooling system.

If specialised (typically electrical) repairs are required, we always recommend using an authorised service centre with highly trained professionals and top-notch diagnostic technologies.

Did you know?

Unlike petrol or diesel engines with their thousands of moving parts, an electric motor does not require so much attention. A lot of the servicing that we are used to with conventional combustion engines is not necessary with iV cars.

Things your next iV car won’t need

Why do iV cars require regular servicing?

Battery cell health and proper cooling

A high-voltage battery is a component specific to all electric cars. Its cooling system must be checked whenever the car is brought in for a service. Another difference compared to conventional cars is that the heat pump coolant needs to be changed every 2 or 4 years, depending on the country’s climate.

Car software diagnostics

To ensure that your iV car is running smoothly, the latest software updates should always be in place.

Regular component check

Conventional systems – such as brakes, the steering or suspension – need to be checked regularly in the same way as for ICE cars.

How often is service check needed?

If you have an Enyaq iV or Enyaq Coupé iV, you should have a regular service every 2 years, but this is not dependent on the mileage – unlike with ICE cars that require regular service also after a certain milage.

Battery & Safety

Interested in learning more about an iV car battery’s protection and lifecycle, and the safety of electric cars in general? Then just click below.

Compare costs

Use our interactive tool to compare costs between an electric car and an ICE car.

What is the same as in ICE cars?

Authorised service centres – always a good choice

Technology and trained proffesionals

For all the above-mentioned maintenance, our authorised services have the proper technology and highly trained specialists to ensure that your EV will always run smoothly.

High-voltage systems

As an EV uses very-high-voltage electrical systems, you are advised to have them repaired or maintained by specialists at an authorised service centre.

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