Make your travels even safer! Traffication in your infotainment keeps you up to date with what’s happening on the road, and can even warn you if you’re entering the motorway in the wrong direction. All without having to open the app every time you drive – it’s always running in the background. Get a free trial version of the app right now!

What does the app do?

Wrong way alert


Automatic alerts from Traffication-active Škodas


Adverse weather alert


Manual Traffication alerts from Škoda drivers


How to install the app

Order the app and install it in your car’s infotainment system. How?

Installation via the infotainment

Installation via the Connect Portal

Availability for your Škoda

You can check the availability of the app for your Škoda here. The Traffication app is available for cars with the latest generation of Amundsen or Columbus infotainment systems and with Škoda Connect services activated.

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