With the Service Scheduling app, you no longer have to fret about when to book another service. Your Škoda service partner and your car will take care of this. The vehicle reports any required servicing to the backend server. The details are sent to your preferred service partner, who contacts you proactively to schedule an appointment.

What benefits can you look forward to?

Check your vehicle’s current status

You can check the current status of your vehicle from the comfort of your car whenever you want by looking it up in the infotainment system.

Automatic transmission of vehicle data

The vehicle automatically contacts your preferred service partner when it needs to be serviced. They will then get in touch with you to make an appointment for your vehicle to be serviced.

Send a request to your preferred service partner

If necessary, you can also send a service request to your preferred service partner yourself and track the status of the request.

How to install the app

  1. Go to the In-Car shop.
  2. Download the Service Scheduling app.
  3. Open the Service Scheduling app.
  4. If no Preffered Service Partner is selected, you are redirected via QR code to the MyŠkoda app. Where you can choose your Preffered Service Partner and activate Service Scheduling.
  5. Now, you can enjoy the Service Scheduling app with all its functions.


You can check the availability of the app for your Škoda here. The Service Scheduling app is only available for Enyaq iV and Enyaq Coupé iV models that are fitted with ME 3.1 software and have Škoda Connect services enabled.

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