ŠKODA AR is an augmented reality app offering you a closer look at the car in a setting of your choice before you visit the showroom. This app harnesses an ordinary configurator to deliver an entertaining presentation of a new ŠKODA car.


ŠKODA AR app has two core features: A car visualizer offers 14 colours, 7 different wheel types and 2 trim levels. Your job is to choose your preferred car, which you can park in front of a house, in a garage, in a kitchen or on your office desk. You can scale the car to fit, and explore it closely from all angles.

With augmented reality technology, you can also go into the car’s interior and take a detailed look at the equipment here. In this section of the app, the best features that the KAROQ has to offer are described. Short videos showcase all the vehicle’s main advantages.

The second app feature is a fun test drive on Planet KAROQ. Once you have configured a car in the first part of the app, you can drive it through a special landscape created from an environment reflecting the preferences of the KAROQ’s various customer groups.

In this section, you can explore the planet in your car or move around on your own, allowing you to observe it from any angle. In both parts of the app, you can take pictures of the current look of your favourite car, save it to your photo gallery, and share it with your friends or family.

The app draws on the ARKit (Apple) library, a kit designed for the development of a new generation of augmented reality apps. For the app to work properly, a device (a smartphone or tablet) running iOS11, a flat floor surface and sufficient lighting are needed.