Škoda Auto actively promotes volunteering through various initiatives. This includes organizing events like Teribear, Let's Clean Up Czechia and Škoda Trees. Škoda Volunteers as the employee group engage in over 20 activities. The management program involves over 2000 people in volunteering activities and in Employee Collections. These are also held to support various causes, demonstrating Škoda Auto's dedication to making a positive impact through volunteering.

Škoda Trees

Since 2007, Škoda has been planting one seedling for every car sold.

1,173,000 trees have been planted by the company in the Czech Republic by the end of 2022. In recent years, employees and their families have been joined in the project by trainees and apprentices at the Škoda Secondary Vocational School of Engineering. Škoda Auto chose to plant trees, with considerable support from its employees, as a symbol of the company’s focus on social and environmental values.

Let’s clean up Czechia

This project emphasizes the significance of environmental sustainability and helps keeping Czechia clean.

Since 2015, Škoda Auto in cooperation with the KOVO trade unions has been actively supporting and participating in the initiative to clean up the Czech Republic. Their efforts have successfully removed several tons of waste from public spaces, which has a significant positive impact on the environment and local communities. This joint effort illustrates the importance of company-social partnerships in promoting sustainable practices and creating a cleaner and greener future.


Škoda Auto as a general partner of Teribear. Company's involvement not only helps raise funds but also promotes community engagement and highlights the importance of corporate social sustainability.

Since the first run of the event, company took on the role of the general partner. The event aims to raise funds for children in orphanages, families, or expectant mothers. Since 2014 Škoda Auto is contributing financially and also by involvement of employees and their families in the run.

Ad-hoc volunteer activities

As part of Škoda DNA, thousands of Škodians carry out various group volunteering activities, mainly in the Škoda regions. Activities focused on nature conservation and social and health services are carried out as part of the development management programme and also in employee´s free time within employee group Dobrovolníci Škoda. Dozens of organisations are supported and thousands of volunteer hours are being donated throughout the years.

Employee collections

Employees at the company are regularly involved in charity activities, in this case to long-term Employee Collections.

Each employee can regularly support the work of up to ten non-profit organizations, selected in a company-wide vote, over the four years of the collections. Škoda Auto then doubles the money donated. Four-fifths of the money that the company provides is credited to the accounts of non-profit organizations, the other fifth being used for social sustainability projects in Pune and Aurangabad in India.