The topic of active and passive safety of Škoda cars, as well as traffic education and prevention, are key topics for us, which we have been dealing with for many years. We strive to make roads safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, which is why we support a number of preventive projects to promote road safety.

Cooperation on traffic safety and eductation

The "Škoda Autoškolám" program is designed for Czech driving schools and independent instructors to enable them to purchase new cars under very advantageous conditions. Because learning to drive in a car you rely on is essential to gaining the right habits and confidence behind the wheel and in traffic.

Since 2012, we have been cooperating on the interactive "Safe Roads" portal and we are its general partner. The portal offers practical information on traffic safety, deals with traffic education, but also provides information for driving school students.

We are also dedicated to "Playful Škoda", the online educational program for children. As a part of our grant programs, we aim to reduce places with an increased risk of collisions between pedestrians, cyclists and cars. And we also focus on traffic education of the youngest generation, which develops habits in the field of traffic safety for years to come.

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