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Škoda Auto prioritizes Covid-19 support, focusing on immediate needs and long-term resilience, aiding healthcare systems and communities. Škoda Auto has had to face up to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020. As a leader in the field of personnel mobility, as immediate help, the company provided Škoda pool vehicles to helping organizations. This activity culminated by donating 100 brand new Octavia cars to health and social services providers. Škoda also financially supported its closest partner cities in their effort to implement necessary safety measure, or contributed by assisting in the development and 3D printing of effective respirators.

Škoda Auto prioritized employee health and mental well-being and surpassed government measures during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022, employees were introduced to new topics and advised on coping with daily demands. Monthly webinars and multimedia recordings were provided, and employees were introduced to experts for support.

Aid to South Moravia

In June 2021, a tornado in Moravia devastated human homes, broke mature trees and turned cars into wrecks. The company immediately sent 50 cars to the most affected areas.

In order to provide immediate help, the company rented more than 50 cars which were sent directly to the affected region. Subsequently 100 Škoda bikes were donated to those in need to support their mobility. Škoda Auto also doubled employee collection initiated by KOVO Trade Union. The total collected amount 7,282,608 CZK was redistributed to support recovery of community life, public greenery or as direct support of the affected families.

Help to Ukraine

In response to the critical situation in Ukraine, Škoda Auto demonstrated its commitment by providing significant aid. The Volkswagen Group, including all its brands, has decided to donate 1 million euros to the United Nations Organization for Aid to Refugees.

Škoda Auto provided support in the total value higher than CZK 21 million. The aid was focused in three areas. Aid to Ukraine was provided by financial support of People in Need foundation or logistical and material help to Refugee camp in Eurocar plant in Salomonovo. Aid to regions where Škoda Auto hosts refugees was secured by close collaboration and financial support for the partner cities. This help was coordinated with Škoda Auto Endowment Fund and aimed on increase of educational capacities, equipment improvement or mental health support. Direct support was secured by grant support, addressing specific needs of refugees and contributing to their successful integration.

Help to Turkey

In the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in February 2023, Škoda Auto extended crucial support.

In February 2023, a devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, causing ongoing damage. The Volkswagen Group, including Skoda Auto, donated 1 million euros for emergency aid and expanded it in collaboration with VW by purchasing 75 mobile living containers. These containers provided shelter and temporary housing for those who lost their homes.