Mobility for everyone - that is the motto we honor. That's why the support of barrier-free mobility has been one of our key CSR activities for a long time. We help people with disabilities to lead active lives without restrictions. The ability to travel and be constantly mobile opens up a lot of possibilities and new challenges for handicapped people. We are all free behind the wheel and movement knows no boundaries. We live life to the fullest and without barriers.

Škoda Handy

The aim of the Škoda Handy program is to help people with reduced mobility to gain their mobility again. Our specialists within sales network in the Czech Republic are ready to advise and help with purchase of a new Škoda car at a discounted price, financing and  insurance options and to ensure optimization and necessary adjustments, thanks to which our disabled customers can fully control their car.

"Škoda Neřídit"

To gain more independence and freedom of movement, Škoda Auto and the "Konto Bariéry" charity announced a grant program "Škoda Neřídit" (pity not to drive) that opens the way to a driver's license for the disabled people. Applicants who meet the grant conditions and will be selected by a commission will receive a contribution of up to CZK 15,000.

Region without barriers

Despite the development of electronic communication, physical mobility remains the main way of socializing handicapped people. Škoda Auto is aware of existence of a large number of barriers that prevent the disabled from fully participating in life, both in access to employment or education, as well as in leisure activities such as sports, travel or culture. The grant program aims to reduce the number of these barriers and thus improve the lives of handicapped citizens.

Rehabilitation institutions

Since 2018, Škoda Auto has been cooperating with three key Czech rehabilitation institutions - Kladruby, Hamz's specialist hospital for children and adults, Hrabyně - which help people with convalescence and the maximum possible rehabilitation shortly after an injury. The company financially supports purchase of rehabilitation aids and equipment, which makes care even more accessible to clients and contributes to the most successful rehabilitation process.

Cooperation with organizations


The CZEPA non-profit organization supports the lives of all wheelchair users with spinal cord injuries and helps them live active lives, defends the interests of the disabled and supports the creation of conditions for their full life and integration into society. Since 2014, Škoda Auto has been supporting the CZEPA organization with financial support and long-term loan of two Octavia Combi vehicles, which serve to bridge the time when CZEPA clients do not have their own car available.

Road to a dream

The non-profit organization "Road to a dream" unites people with disabilities and also involves the general public. Through educational workshops and sports events, it makes it possible to change the worldview of the disabled and improve their quality of life. Škoda Auto is the general partner. In addition to financial support, we provided three Škoda cars, we support projects "We go in it together" or "Beyond dreams".

Red Cross

In 2019, Škoda Auto has concluded a memorandum of mutual cooperation with the Czech Red Cross. As part of this, we provide extraordinary support for the acquisition of 28 new cars in the form of an operating lease for 12 months. The partnership will last 5 years and will involve authorized Škoda brand partners in all regions of the Czech Republic.

Centrum Paraple

For 25 years, Škoda Auto and "Centrum Paraple", a non-profit organization founded by Zdeněk Svěrák, and the civic association Union of Paraplegics have been helping people who move in wheelchairs after spinal cord injury and their families coping with difficult life situations. In addition, Škoda is becoming its main partner in 2019. As part of this partnership, we provided three cars for the needs of the organization.