ŠKODA Performance App

Privacy Policy

All technical data displayed in connection with the application are approximate only and it is impossible to apply compensation of any loses or any direct or indirect damages in connection with the displayed technical data and in connection with the use of application. In particular, there is also no liability for the lack of functionality, the unavailability, or poor availability or functionality of the whole application or any of its part.

The company ŠKODA AUTO a.s., as the car producer, makes an effort to achieve a maximum level of your privacy during using of the apllication in your car and it is important for the company ŠKODA AUTO a.s. that you feel secure during using the application.

Please notice also that the application is part of intellectual property of the company ŠKODA AUTO a.s. and without prior written consent of this company it is not allowed to modify or copy the whole application or any part of the application.

ŠKODA AUTO collects, processes and uses personal data of Application Users exclusively in compliance with generally applicable legislation, and these data must not be provided to any third party without express consent from the User concerned. For more information about ŠKODA AUTO data protection policies see the Company's statement.

The use of the Application involves the collection and use of vehicle data, such as current vehicle location based on GPS data. These data can be used to establish reference to a particular person using the vehicle. These data are collected and processed exclusively for contract performance purposes, unless you provide express consent to using such data outside this framework, e.g. for advertising purposes. Data sharing for contract performance purposes takes place e.g. in cases where the vehicle's locations or maps are to be requested through Google Maps services provided by Google Inc. („Google“).