Design in your own style

Our customers can choose from a wide range of features that highlight the Škoda Enyaq’s unique design, along with a plethora of practical accessories to make everyday travel all the easier.


The infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is expanding every day. Škoda offers numerous charging options for a variety of situations, and they’re all easy to use.

iV universal charger set

The iV Universal Charger is variable solution for home charging purposes. You can choose between two cable adapters: 230V and 400V.

Cable for public charging

An easy and comfortable way to charge on the road, that’s the MODE 3 charging set from Škoda Genuine Accessories.

Bag for charging cable

Bag for charging cable is a practical EV accessory for the storage and transportation of the charging cable.


Thanks to the Powerpass card you can simply check in with most of the public charging providers. With one card you will be allowed to charge practically anywhere.


Towbar bicycle rack

The bicycle rack for tow bars in the Škoda Genuine Accessories range is ideal for vehicles equipped with a tow bar.

Roof box

Modern, light, big and practical - that's what the roof box from the Škoda Genuine Accessories offers.

Ski and snowboard rack

Thanks to this ski and snowboard rack – slide-out, you will never have to bend over the roof of the yours car again.

Roof racks sack

A functional fabric twin-compartment bag is intended for storage of all the base and traverse roof racks from the Škoda Genuine Accessories catalogue.


Child seats

Provide the maximum safety for the smallest members of your family with this high-quality child seat Duo Plus from the Škoda Genuine Accessories range.

Dog safety belt

The dog safety belt from the Škoda Genuine Accessories range is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who regularly takes their four-legged friend on the road with them.

Stainless snow chains

With snow chains from Škoda Genuine Accessories, the Škoda Enyaq electric SUV will be able to handle even the most treacherous winter conditions, either in the rear-wheel drive version or as a 4x4.

Baby mirror

You will come to appreciate our baby‘s mirror as an easy and safe way to keep an eye on your children when driving.


USB-C to Lightning connecting cable

This cable enables you to connect your iPhone to your Enyaq infotainment system.

USB-C to USB-C connecting cable

With this connecting cable, you can easily connect your smartphone to your car’s electric and audio system.

Multimedia holder

The entertainment package offers you a number of solutions to make business trips and family holidays even more enjoyable.

Adapter USB-C to USB-A 3.0

Adapter USB-C to USB-A 3.0 enables you to connect the USB-A connector to the infotainment system in the vehicle.

Wheels and tyres

Škoda Genuine Accessories offers exclusive alloy wheels that can be fitted in various design and colours for the Enyaq.

Liquids and car cosmetics


This de-icing agent is a Škoda Genuine Accessory that is effective in removing hoarfrost from the windscreen and locks and keeps it from reappearing.

2-in-1 display cleaner

Cleaning fluid and microfibre cloth are a perfect combo to keep your infotainment screen clean from dust and fingerprints and always looking impeccable.

Refill pack for 2-in-1 display cleaner

Refill your display cleaner bottle up to 20 times with this original 200 ml refill pack.

Wheel rim cleaning gel

Intensive cleaning agent with high adhesion to clean hard-to-reach rim folds. The mixture protects steel rims against corrosion.

Sport and design

Wing mirror covers

These exterior mirror covers - black accentuates the sporty side of your Škoda Enyaq.

Pedal covers

Pedals with stainless steel covers are important in giving the car´s interior a sporty feel.

Decorative door sill strips

The decorative sill strips are made of high-quality stainless steel and are decorated with the Enyaq inscription.

Decorative wheel valve caps

Fit the already attractive light alloy wheels of your car with decorative valve caps.

Comfort and utility

Portable coffee maker

With the portable espresso machine you do not even have to get out of your car to enjoy the pleasant taste.

Thermo-electric cooling/warming box

Cooling / warming box with a capacity of 15 litres for transporting food that needs to be kept hot or cold.

Textile foot mats prestige – double nubuck

High-quality floor mats give the car’s interior a cosier atmosphere while reducing the noise level inside the car.

Footrest „Lounge step“

Increasing the travelling comfort of the user´s legs and feet.

Škoda Lifestyle

Want to match your look with that of your car? Check out eye-catching branded clothing and accessories with well thought-out features – just as you have come to expect from our models.

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