Car access

Car Access is a new service available to Škoda customers that enables them to have their car cleaned or to have packages delivered directly to their vehicle by selected partners. Using Škoda Connect’s functionality, our partners can locate and remotely access customers’ vehicles via a mobile app, and clean the car or deliver a package that the customer has ordered. All of this is possible without any direct customer interaction. This is your opportunity to become a selected partner!

How can car access benefit you?

Who are we looking for?

You are the perfect fit for Škoda Auto and Car Access if you are:

  • a delivery and parcel courier
  • an ecommerce store with your own delivery service
  • an online supermarket
  • a service provider with pick-up or delivery service at any part of the customer process (eg. laundry services)
  • a provider of services related to car maintenance (eg. carwash)

You also need to have a mature enough IT infrastructure to integrate our API within your system and lock/unlock the vehicles via your app interface.

Onboarding and cooperation steps

  1. Sign NDA (1-2 weeks)*
  2. Analyse technical documentation and agree on integration model (3-4 weeks)*
  3. Integrate and sign contract (3-4 weeks)*
  4. Set up common marketing and PR campaign (1-2 weeks)*
  5. Test and launch

There’s just one more step to becoming our partner. Contact our team and we’ll get back to you with more information.

I want to become a partner


*Duration is for illustrative purposes only

Advanced Connectivity

Your couriers can easily lock and unlock the cars via our mobile app thanks to connection between Škoda and partner IT servers.

Simply Clever

No additional hardware needs to be installed in customers’ vehicles. Everything is enabled via the Škoda Connect functionality.


Bring the next level of convenience to your customers – they can go about their daily activities and receive deliveries in their cars without any interaction.