ŠKODA Magic Book

The new augmented reality app from ŠKODA brings a whole new level of experience and entertainment to your children. Scan pages using your smartphone or other online equipment and let your little ones get mesmerized by Laura and Klement's world with hidden animations and rich sound design. After scanning, not only will they see Laura, Klement and other elements on the given page moving but they will also hear the wind blowing, a car engine roaring, and many more real-life sounds. Don’t tell them in advance and spoil the surprise, though. Just scan a page and let your kids explore the magic themselves!

LAURA and KLEMENT in Show Time at Home

Each day feels like the same old routine. Then Laura and Klement go for a surprise visit to Cirque du Soleil. Feeling inspired, can they use their imaginations to transform ordinary life into a performance? A whole new world of fun possibilities opens up for the twins. Household chores will never be the same!

Author: Greg Stuart
Illustrator: Antimultivitamin
Concept: C3 Creative Code and Content s.r.o.

LAURA and KLEMENT in the City Jungle

Laura and Klement like playing pretend, like going out for a car ride. When Grandma and Grandpa drop by, they take Laura and Klement along for a shopping trip. Where will they go? Find out how a simple trip to the garden center can turn into a great adventure: an expedition to the city jungle.

Published by Dynastie s.r.o. for ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
Concept by C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH
Story by Radek Malý, 2018
Ilustrations by Kateřina Hikadová, 2018
Graphic design by Veronika Golianová, 2018
Translation by Lucie Mikolajková, 2018
ISBN 978-80-905803-6-7