With ŠKODA Connect App you have your vehicle always under control. Access all necessary features of your vehicle from anywhere and anytime using your smartphone. Features are available based on ordered ŠKODA Connect bundle: Infotainment Online or Care Connect. The ŠKODA Connect app now also supports connecting your vehicle via the SmartLink+ interface.


Check anytime your fuel range or driving data from your last journeys. Are you in doubt whether you locked your vehicle? Don’t worry, with ŠKODA Connect app you will be always sure. With the help of feature “Last Parking Position” you always find your vehicle easily. You can even honk and flash remotely if needed.

Are you planning route? Send the destinations directly from home to your vehicle’s navigation. And even with the Trip Planner function ŠKODA Connect helps you all time. It checks your calendar and based on actual traffic information it notifies you when you need to leave to the next appointment, in order to arrive in time.

Do you like or need to keep a logbook of your trips? You can use the ŠKODA Connect app for this purpose as well. Connect your phone to your vehicle via the SmartLink+ interface and start recording your trips. After the trip you can see the route that you took clearly visible in the map and additional information such distance, average consumption, average RPM, average speed, travelling time or efficiency.