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At ŠKODA, we want to stay by your side long after you purchase your car, and we want to assist you in all situations you might encounter during the car’s lifetime.

Repair & Maintenance

Our service partners will regularly service your ŠKODA, prepare it for its MOT and emissions testing, and provide other services.

Comfort Services

Our customer care does not end as soon as we make a sale. ŠKODA authorised service partners will always take care of your car to your satisfaction.

Tyre Business

Tyres are the only connection between vehicles and road, and the size of the contact surface is abut the same as that of a person´s palm. That is why you choose the right tyres for your car and look after them properly. We can provide complete and professional care of your tyres a tour authorized service centre.

ŠKODA Service Cam

Wherever you are and whatever you do, our service advisor can use a video to inform you about the technical condition of your vehicle and suggest the most appropriate solution.

Assembly of Accessories

We offer the professional installation of products from the range of ŠKODA Genuine Accessories, including roof transport systems, mechanical gear lever locking systems, cruise control, car alarms and towing equipment. Our mechanics will assemble accessories to a high professional standards and in keeping with the manufacturer’s instructions.


MyŠKODA App is mobile app to help you in various daily situations connected not just to your car. You can have digital version of car manual, plenty of instructional videos, you can match the app with your favourite dealer and use various services.

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