1. How do I download the MyŠKODA App and how to register?

The MyŠKODA App is available for free download to devices running on iOS (Apple) or Android (Google). At first launch, the user must login to the app. Login is possible using an existing account, Facebook, Microsoft account, or a ŠKODA ID. User without a ŠKODA ID willing to use it for login must register first.

2. How can I get my own ŠKODA ID and what is it good for?

If you register your own ŠKODA ID, you can use it at the ŠKODA web site, in the ŠKODA Car Configurator, or for other ŠKODA applications – including the MyŠKODA App.

If you have no ŠKODA ID yet, please register through the My ŠKODA app or use the following link: 

If you forgot your password, please use the following link:

3. Why is it necessary to log in to the App?

We use the ŠKODA ID in order the improve the quality of services provided through the app. It helps us analyze its operation, improve its parameters, personalize the content and allow certain functionalities.

4. Language of MyŠKODA App

The language of your application depends on your language setting on your (iOS/Android) device. We run our app in about 40 countries, but your device's language may not be supported. In this case, the application language will be set to English. You should be aware that some features/features of the application or its contents depend on your country/region. This is governed by the identifier of your SIM card provider.

5. MyŠKODA App settings and app’s features

Conditions of use:
Upon a successful login to the app you need to agree with MyŠKODA App privacy policy and condition of use.

Application settings:
Once you agree with the conditions, the Dashboard screen with selected blank widgets is displayed. Tapping a widget will start the process of activating and setting the selected function.

The screen is divided into two sections:

  • Main widget (upper part) – provides space for a default car. Once the default car is set, a carousel with 5 dots is displayed. They show tips on using the app or car notifications (the approaching service interval or selected control lamps in the car).
  • Standard widgets (lower part) – are located below the main widget and you can select (activate or add/remove) which widgets you want to use.

The widgets can be reordered by the drag & drop action or removed from the Dashboard.
The app can be set up through the widgets, or via the Menu in the upper left corner.

Setup of displayed widgets:

  • Car widget – tap the widget and select one of three options to add a car: using SmartGate, searching by the VIN code or adding a vehicle from the list.
  • Parking widget – tap the widget to set the location of your parked car, to set the timer for the validity of the parking ticket, or to take a snapshot of your parked car.
  • Calendar widget – tap the widget to select the calendar that you want to pair the app with, enable the use of location services, notifications and application run in the background. On the Time preferences screen, you can edit the default time preferences for working with time predictions.
  • Dealer widget – tap the Dealer widget to find your favourite dealer and confirm the selection using the “Select dealer” button.

The more and precise details you set in the app, the more functions you will be able to use.

6. Application setting – link a Car

First connect the car with the application, this is the dedicated AUTO section dedicated to managing your car. You can easily pair the app with your car. You have several options that differ from one another. The simplest way is to select a car from the model list. After selecting the selected model, select the year and month of car production. If you connect a car using "Find VIN," then you have powered the app directly with your car. This will allow you to see some other details such as the date of manufacture, the warranty period and the digital service history of your car (this may vary depending on the country's legislation). The best way to connect a car is via SmartGate. SmartGate is the technical equipment of your car. Depending on your country and the model of the car, it can be delivered as part of the standard equipment or can be ordered as an extra equipment. This device will turn on the WLAN in your car. If you want to use this method, your car must be equipped with this technology (check your vehicle's specification). In case of doubt about whether your car supports such communication, do not hesitate to contact your dealer. If you are connected, you can see, for example, the Digital Service Plan, Car Manuals, Indicators and a description of their functions, so called Quick Tips - with instructions for the most common tasks and Simply Clever with a description of so-called ŠKODA smart solutions, mileage, fuel status and PAUL advise whether you can reach your destination without refueling, or whether you will need to refuel. In the case of the Superb III it is possible to use the optical recognition function of the interior controls.

Completing the setting, the overview screen is displayed. You can use the menu to see different section of the app.

7. Who is Paul? (Time prediction)

Hi, I'm PAUL! ... PAUL is your Personal Assistant. If your car is connected via SmartGate, it will inform you about your vehicle status. If you allow the app to access your calendar and allow location access, notification and background application when the Calendar widget is activated, PAUL can help you plan your time and create an itinerary for your trip. It can take into account the fuel level, traffic situation and weather conditions.

8. Calendar - PAUL the interactive assistant

Once the Calendar widget is successfully activated, the app begins to retrieve events from the paired calendar. If unable to unambiguously determine the venue of an upcoming event., the app will prompt the user to specify the venue. Specification of the venue is done by tapping the widget. Enter the address of the venue here, press the Search button and colect one of the locations offered. PAUL will then calculate the time when you should hit the road to arrive at the meeting on time. You can always start the navigation from the widget , run a manual recalculation of the departure time by pressing the refresh button, or skip an event. By tapping the widget, you can view the itinerary of you trip. In case that PAUL comes to a conclusion that you cannot arrive at the event. On time due to your current location, traffic, et., it will generate a Running late notification. Tap the widget to send an e-mail message to the meeting‘s participants to inform them about being late and your expected time of arrival.

9. My Dealer

"The Services" section is focused on services associated with the ŠKODA dealer network. You can choose your preferred dealer with dealer locator, to do so use the "three dots" symbol in the top right corner. When you confirm your selected Dealer, you will see a Dealer details screen. You can see contact information, opening hours, you can start navigating to your preferred Dealer, or use the structured meeting request form (if available in your country).

10. Self-Check

The Dealer widget allows you to get to the Dealer details and select request for a deadline. In order to send a request for an appointment to a dealer, you need to fill in the required fields in the form, such as a preferred date/time of appointment, and describe the nature of the problem with your car. The Self-Check section allows you to mark the damage points on the vehicle silhouette (such as a paint defect, scratch, dent, etc.). The app will save the marked damage as a QR code and will send it in a structured e-mail directly to the service partner. If the customer has marked the damage, the service partner can use Portable Check-In 3.0 Lite and the QR code from the MyŠKODA App to download information about the customer, his/her vehicle and damage and thus make the vehicle reception much simpler. The Acceptance protocol about the vehicle reception generated by the Portable Check-In app includes a QR code which can be uploaded to the MyŠkoda App and thus indicate that the vehicle reception has been completed.

The "Request for an appointment" and "Self-Check" functions may not be available in all countries. Ask your importer for more information.

11. Dashboard - personalization

MyŠKODA App makes it possible for the user to customize the Dashboard screen. Every user can choose their own topics and functionalities to be displayed. New widgets can be added by tapping the „Plus“ icon. You can easily add, for example, your second vehicle. You can change the widget order by simply dragging and dropping it to another position. Or, you can later restore it by tapping the „Plus“ icon. The more and precise details you set in the dashboard screen, the more functions you will be able to use. The Menu in the upper left corner is an alternative control.

12. RSS feeds and e-Shop

The simplest way to set it up is to add a new RSS widget, then tap the RSS widget to enter the URL of the required RSS feed. Now you have a list of all articles from the selected RSS feed available and you can access their details. If the importer on your market operates a ŠKODA e-shop, you can tap on the Shop tile and enjoy convenient on-line shopping of selected products.

13. Types of notifications, badge icon of MyŠKODA App

There is several types of notifications which are visible in the app but also indicated as a badge icon on your homescreen (iOS). The notifications works within the standard notifications centrum and visibility depend on your phone settings (adjust your general phone settings for change). Notification refer to Calendar functionalities and served to you from PAUL. Notification types: Early wake up for your next meeting; You should be on your way to reach your destination in time or eventually Running late notification which can be sent to your colleagues you are meeting.

A badge icon in iOS alerts a new PAUL’s advice or a new vehicle info.

14. Internet connection

MyŠKODA App is recommended to have an active Internet connection to function properly. Without an Internet connection, application features are very limited.

User can not:

  • download manual for the car
  • make a purchase at ŠKODA E-shop
  • add and use an integrated RSS reader
  • view ŠKODA news
  • set up your favorite dealer
  • use a calendar with the predictive PAUL function