ŠKODA OCTAVIA covering 500 000 km

ŠKODA OCTAVIA covering 500 000 km

1. 1. 2017

How does the ŠKODA Octavia II work after covering 500 000 km? In what technical condition does it survive?

Half a million kilometres and still good as new. In November 2014, the Svět motorů magazine ran an in-depth analysis of a 2004 (second-generation) ŠKODA OCTAVIA Elegance 2.0 TDI/103 kW (320 Nm) with manual transmission, whose owner had clocked up more than 500,000 kilometres in it in the course of ten years’ travel at home and abroad.

The aim was to find out how the car had stood up to such ravages. The overall technical condition and, in particular, all the key components of the vehicle were examined in detail. And what did the experts and the journalists discover? Here are some of their findings.

What shape was the engine in?

There was no visible or measurable wear. The cast-iron cylinder block was worn only along the bottom. Nor was any wear found on the crankshaft’s connecting-rod bearings. Even the pistons looked new. As high-quality oil had been used, the suction strainer was perfectly clean.

How did the chassis fare?

The chassis was also in good condition. The front axle was fine. Only the rear axle was showing signs of high mileage. An endoscopic analysis of corrosion revealed that the left sill looked new from the inside, while the right sill had suffered slight corrosion.

Pavel - The satisfied owner

His care for his car was truly exemplary. Regular oil changes, preventive alignment, and services before long trips. As a representative of a company manufacturing sliding doors, he has visited supermarket buildings, for example, throughout the country.

Quality service = The cornerstone of success

The OCTAVIA has been such a faithful servant mainly because the owner has it serviced exclusively at an authorised ŠKODA service centre and has kept strictly to the manufacturer’s service plan. The use of exclusively ŠKODA Genuine Parts was also guaranteed.

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