3. 6. 2019

Illuminated load bed, winch and off-road light bar on the roof provide highlights of the sixth ŠKODA Student Concept Car.

35 apprentices from the ŠKODA Vocational School have reached the pinnacle of their training year: following eight months of intense work, they presented a spectacular pickup based on the ŠKODA KODIAQ in the shape of the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ. Sporting a specially designed Sunset Orange paint finish, this concept car impresses with numerous visual highlights such as a light bar on the roof and a distinctive front featuring a winch, bullbar and special lighting effects. For the sixth consecutive time, the project acts as a showcase for the apprentices’ technical skills.

A total of 35 ŠKODA apprentices from seven different career paths, among them six women, were involved in the development and production of the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ. The sixth consecutive Student Car is a one-off and the remarkable result of months of work. During the course of the project, the apprentices were supported by their instructors as well as ŠKODA experts from the Design, Production and Technical Development departments.

As Carsten Brandes, Head of the ŠKODA Academy, points out, “Like its predecessor models, the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ highlights the exceptional technical competence and craftsmanship of our students. Year after year, their work demonstrates the superior quality of the professional training at our vocational school.”

The name ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ conveys a spirit of adventure and off-road flair, combining the appeal of a contemporary lifestyle vehicle with the extraordinary everyday usability of a pickup. The rear of the spectacular concept car bears the ŠKODA wordmark in individual letters – a design element introduced in Europe with the new ŠKODA models SCALA and KAMIQ.

More than 2,000 hours of intense work over eight months
The apprentices started their work on the new Student Concept Car in autumn 2018. “Building the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ with our own hands was a unique opportunity for all of us, as we were able to use our theoretical know-how in a practical context”, said Petr Zemanec. “We also benefited from the new connections we were able to establish with students on other career paths. We will never forget the over 2,000 hours of work we spent making our unique pickup.”

After the design was finalised, the actual production phase kicked off in January. Body and paint shop work took place simultaneously so the students could finish the vehicle in time for the May deadline. They began by reinforcing the body. Next, they removed the roof of the ŠKODA KODIAQ and fashioned a rear panel for the cab as well as a new rear window and side windows. The area behind the cab of the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ features a load bed with a hidden storage compartment underneath. The students shortened and widened the doors, adjusting them to fit within the wider overall proportions of their vehicle. The appearance of the car was rounded off harmoniously by modified bumpers at the front and rear. Running boards on the door sills and the completely redesigned rear radiate rugged appeal and underline the MOUNTIAQ’s visual presence. One of the project’s greatest challenges for the students was the integration of a fully functional tailgate.

Increased ground clearance and a muscular engine
The ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ is the first Student Car based on the ŠKODA KODIAQ. It is 4,999 millimetres long, 2,005 millimetres wide and 1,710 millimetres tall. The wheelbase is 2,788 millimetres, and the vehicle weighs in at 2,450 kilograms. For enhanced off-road capabilities, the trainees increased their one-off model’s ground clearance by ten centimetres over that of the KODIAQ SCOUT, to a full 29 centimetres. They achieved this in part by fitting 17-inch Rockstar II wheels as well as special off-road tyres with a particularly deep tread. The new wheels also increased the MOUNTIAQ’s track width by three centimetres. A muscular 2.0 TSI petrol engine delivers ample 140 kW (190 PS) of power.

Winch at the front, creative lighting effects and Sunset Orange paint finish
The student’s ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ, standing on rugged off-road wheels, is a real head-turner. With its raised air intake snorkel and the winch at the front, framed by a bullbar, the concept car immediately commands attention. The winch and its specially designed mount are built to withstand the most extreme stresses encountered in off-road use. The students displayed particular creativity in designing the lighting for the MOUNTIAQ. In addition to the illuminated load bed, the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ’s radiator grille, brand logo on the bonnet and engine bay all feature lighting effects as well. The front doors project a ŠKODA logo onto the road, and the pickup’s front section sports new fog lights. Other standout design features are the unique light bar on the roof and the special Sunset Orange paint finish developed by the students.

As in previous years’ Student Concept Cars, the apprentices demonstrated their inventiveness by including ingenious small details such as a glowing ŠKODA logo in the roof lining, designed by themselves, along with an integrated refrigerator, 3D-printed wheel hub ornaments and two walkie-talkies that are part of the vehicle. A very special feature created by this year’s class is the logo the students designed for the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ: a car in front of a mountain silhouette. Embroidered in orange on the front seats’ backrests, it picks up the hue of the exterior paint finish as well as the colours of the orange highlights on the steering wheel and shift lever.

As a genuine ŠKODA, the MOUNTIAQ – like every production model made by the brand – comes with signature Simply Clever ideas like the new integrated funnel for the windscreen washer tank. And the students added a very special sound system to the KODIAQ base model’s Columbus infotainment system: the 320-watt speakers are now complemented by a 2,000-watt amplifier and a 2,000-watt subwoofer.

Students and ŠKODA AUTO benefit equally from the Student Concept Car project
This year marks the sixth time in succession that particularly talented students from the ŠKODA Vocational School were given the opportunity to participate in the Student Concept Car project. As part of this project, the youngsters are able to design and then build their own vehicle – a unique chance to apply and hone the skills they’ve learned. What’s particularly exciting for the budding professionals is the close collaboration with experts from different departments such as Technical Development, Production and Design. But it’s not just the apprentices who benefit – ŠKODA too profits from their feedback and ideas during the course of the project. And once their apprenticeship is completed, the company gains superbly trained employees, as every successful student at the ŠKODA Vocational School is offered a job with ŠKODA at the end of their training.

The first ŠKODA Student Concept Car built in 2014 was a two-seater version of the ŠKODA CITIGO, named the CITIJET. It was followed by the FUNSTAR, a ŠKODA FABIA pickup, and the ATERO, a coupé based on the ŠKODA RAPID SPACEBACK. In 2017, the apprentices once again used the ŠKODA CITIGO as their basis to build the electric ELEMENT. The fifth Student Concept Car was the 2018 SUNROQ convertible concept based on the ŠKODA KAROQ.

27 May 2019 – Curtain up on the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ: the sixth ŠKODA Student Car is a spectacular two-door pickup concept based on the ŠKODA KODIAQ. It was designed and built by 35 talented ŠKODA apprentices during the course of their vocational training. Featuring an Orange Sunset paint finish, this charismatic one-off is fitted with a powerful winch, 17-inch Rockstar tyres with a special off-road tread, an illuminated loading area and a updated sound system. Every year since 2014, this hands-on project has highlighted the impressive training standards at the renowned ŠKODA Vocational Training School in Mladá Boleslav.

The sixth ŠKODA Student Concept Car has been named the MOUNTIAQ – a model designation which perfectly embodies this combination of a modern lifestyle vehicle and the great everyday usability of a pickup. The project participants chose to base their Student Concept Car on the ŠKODA KODIAQ SUV. For eight months, 35 apprentices at the ŠKODA Vocational School in Mladá Boleslav, among them six women, put all their efforts and creativity into this traditional project – investing a total of over 2,000 working hours along the way. As in previous years, the committed juniors were actively supported by ŠKODA experts from the Technical Development, Design and Production departments.

“The name MOUNTIAQ perfectly conveys a sense of adventure and the unique off-road properties of this powerful pickup. I am incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in this unique project,” said Petr Zemanec, one of the trainees.

Aged between 17 and 20 years, the apprentices began work under supervision of the teachers on the MOUNTIAQ in September 2018, with practical implementation starting in January. The first step consisted in reinforcing the body before removing the roof of the ŠKODA KODIAQ and fashioning a rear panel and side windows for the cab. The driver and front passenger doors were shortened as well as widened. The apprentices also developed a special mount for the winch at the front of the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ that is able to withstand the enormous stresses it experiences in off-road use. The integration of a fully functional tailgate at the end of the load bed was one of the project’s greatest challenges. The MOUNTIAQ uses ŠKODA lettering at the rear, as introduced on the ŠKODA SCALA and ŠKODA KAMIQ, the first European production models to come with this feature.

To ensure supreme off-road usability, the apprentices increased the ground clearance of the almost five-metre-long pickup by around ten centimetres over that of the KODIAQ SCOUT. They achieved this in part by using 17-inch Rockstar II wheels and tyres with a particularly deep off-road tread. This concept car’s wheelbase is 2,788 millimetres. The MOUNTIAQ is powered by a muscular 2.0 TSI petrol engine delivering 140 kW (190 PS).

The ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ immediately attracts attention with its spectacular body, raised air intake snorkel, a roof-mounted light bar and a front featuring a winch and bullbar. The Orange Sunset paint finish developed by the apprentices complements this vehicle’s spectacular appearance to perfection. Other highlights of the 2019 Student Concept Car include the illuminated load bed and the hidden storage compartment underneath.

The lustrous colour of the paint finish is echoed in the orange and black leather interior. As in previous Student Concept Cars, the apprentices chose to equip the MOUNTIAQ with surprising details such as an illuminated radiator grille to showcase their creativity and skills.

The over 90-year-old ŠKODA Vocational School has enabled particularly talented students to design and build their own vehicles since 2014. ŠKODA profits from the apprentices’ feedback and ideas during the project and gains superbly trained future employees in the process. Every student at the ŠKODA Vocational School is offered a job at ŠKODA at the end of their training.

25 March 2019 - The sixth ŠKODA Student Concept Car will be a spectacular pickup version of the ŠKODA KODIAQ. That is the goal of 35 vocational students, among them six young women, who in 2019 will for the first time be using the ŠKODA KODIAQ as the starting point for their Student Car. With expert support from experienced ŠKODA engineers and staff from the Technical Development, Design and Production departments, they are transforming the Czech car manufacturer’s largest SUV into a dynamic, two-door pickup. June 2019 will see the vehicle introduced to journalists and the public. Every year since 2014, this hands-on student project has demonstrated the excellent standard of professional training at the ŠKODA Vocational School in Mladá Boleslav, which looks back on a history spanning more than 90 years.

Aged between 17 and 20 years, the trainees at the ŠKODA Vocational School for Mechanical Engineering, among them six young women, are currently working on a new Student Car by turning a ŠKODA KODIAQ into a modern two-door pickup with an expressive design. The choice of model series was quite deliberate: it emphasises the role the KODIAQ plays for ŠKODA, while using massive wheels, sharp edges and sculptural surfaces to demonstrate that the uncluttered, emotive design of the largest ŠKODA SUV still leaves plenty of scope for artistic licence. The sixth vehicle from the project series started in 2014 will be presented to the public in June.

For the participating students, this real-life project represents the highlight of their vocational training. It enables them to showcase their creativity and talent as vehicle developers even as they are still learning their craft. Student Zuzana Otradovská emphasises that “the Student Car is a fantastic project” and asks, “Where else do you get this unique opportunity to build your own car as part of your vocational training, in a small team and with the support of experienced ŠKODA engineers, designers and teachers, all while being able to implement your own ideas and visions?” In an early phase of their training, the project participants were able to observe Chief Designer Oliver Stefani and his team at the ŠKODA Design centre in Mladá Boleslav before proceeding to create their own first hand-drawn sketches under expert tutelage.

Since 2014, students at the ŠKODA Vocational School for Mechanical Engineering in Mladá Boleslav have produced one new concept car each year. The first Student Concept Car was the CITIJET based on the ŠKODA CITIGO; it was followed by the FUNSTAR, a FABIA pickup. The RAPID SPACEBACK provided the basis for the ATERO coupé. In 2017, another ŠKODA CITIGO was turned into the electric ELEMENT Student Car, and in 2018, the students built a SUNROQ SUV convertible based on the ŠKODA KAROQ compact SUV. Each of these vehicles demonstrates the ŠKODA students’ creativity and highlights the superb opportunities trainees at the ŠKODA Academy enjoy. 

Founded in 1927, the school offers three-year and four-year training courses for many technical careers. The high standard of training and modern equipment benefits the students as much as their future employers.

ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School

ŠKODA AUTO sets benchmarks in terms of the training and development of its staff. The company’s own vocational school has been part of the ŠKODA Academy since 2013 and currently offers 13 courses, which stand out thanks to the high level of quality and practical relevance of the training provided.

The company has long been investing extensively in the training and development of its own staff – a key component of its HR strategy. Since 2014, ŠKODA has invested more than 260 million Czech korunas in expanding the training programmes and modernising the training facilities. In addition to vocational training, students at ŠKODA AUTO have the opportunity to complete an internship abroad at another Group brand.

Optimal preparation for the demands of everyday working life
Students at the ŠKODA Vocational School undergo three- or four-year courses in technical subjects leading to either an apprenticeship diploma or a school leaving certificate for university access. The way the technical subjects are taught and the number of places available are both geared towards the needs and requirements of the relevant specialist departments at ŠKODA AUTO. The company therefore places great importance on outstanding vocational training with a particular focus on future-oriented technologies. On successful completion, all graduates of the ŠKODA Vocational School are given the opportunity to work for the Czech car manufacturer.

Since 2014, the ŠKODA student car has been great evidence of the high standard of training at the ŠKODA Vocational School and ŠKODA Academy. This year, students designed and built the sixth student car under the guidance of their teachers and with the support of experienced ŠKODA engineers and staff from the Production, Technical Development and Design departments.

Vocational school with more than 90 years of history
At ŠKODA, high-quality training and rigorous talent development date back more than 90 years: in 1927, the ŠKODA Vocational School opened at the company headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. In the first year, 58 students began their training in three different specialist areas. Today, more than 900 students – 13 per cent of which are female – are enrolled in 13 full-time courses and three postgraduate programmes at the ŠKODA Academy.

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