ŠKODA FABIA covering 1,250,000 km

ŠKODA FABIA covering 1,250,000 km

1. 1. 2017

31x around the world. Do you ask what made it possible to cover this extreme distance?

One and a quarter million kilometres and it’s still running!

At the end of 2016, we discovered a first-generation FABIA Elegance with a 1.9 TDI PD/74 kW, 240 Nm engine and manual transmission, that had covered 1,125,000 kilometres in its lifetime. That’s roughly 9,500 km per month, or 320 km every day! We’ve bought it from a forwarding company, its single owner, where the car served as a support vehicle and service car. So you can see what state it’s in.

What’s more, this blue FABIA continues to cruise our roads in perfect shape thanks to the professional care of an authorised ŠKODA service centre and ŠKODA Genuine Parts. Take a look at everything it’s been through and how it has been rated by journalists from different parts of Europe.

My service history

Two years in and I’ve done 165,000 km. Time for my first battery replacement. At 991,000 km, my original turbocharger is changed. I have consumed 220 litres of oil the whole time I’ve been in operation. The front of the car has been repaired five times after minor collisions.

What does my odometer say?

After reaching a million kilometres, I’ve only got 6 dashes on the counter because there’s no seventh digit. However, since the service book had been kept so faithfully, there was a clear history up to 1.25 million km. Since then, I have had a smartphone on the dashboard with an app that records kilometres...

France - Paris

I astonished the French media. “An old Mercedes or Volvo could barely survive such mileage. No one thought a ŠKODA FABIA could do it. And yet that is obviously what happened. What’s more – the car is in unexpectedly good shape.”

Switzerland - Zürich

The Swiss treat their cars impeccably, yet I was still able to surprise them with my staying power. “They say that today’s cars are designed to survive 200,000-300,000 kilometres. It all goes to show that if they are treated with reasonable and proper care, they can almost be immortal.”

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