RAPID Gallery
Ice scraper on the cover of the ŠKODA Rapid fuel tank

​Now you don’t have to search your car when you need a scraper – or use your credit card. The ice scraper located in the fuel tank cover will be immediately handy when you need it.​

ŠKODA Rapid design

The Rapid Model represents a new design style for the ŠKODA brand, offering a refreshing and visually attractive configuration. The radiator grill is now a fixed part of the front of the car and therefore does not rise with the hood. Above the chrome frame of the grill the new ŠKODA logo stands out perfectly. The front headlamps are integrated into the grill, creating a unified design unit that optically expands the vehicle. Likewise, the spoiler with its integrated fog lamps contributes to the perception of robustness and width. From the side, the Rapid impresses with its elegant clean surfaces and dynamic lines that, at the same time, suggest a spacious interior.


The perfect functionality of the design is also reflected in the shape of the rear doors, which offer generous entry space upon opening. The dynamics and robustness emanate from the vehicle even when looking at it from the rear. Remarkable detail lies in the broken surfaces, which create space for the registration plate. The ŠKODA name now appears inscribed on the back. The dynamic appearance of the vehicle is completed by exterior mirrors with two-colour covers. As far as the finish is concerned, you’ll find the brand new blue Denim colour among existing options.​

ŠKODA Rapid engines

The offering of petrol engines starts with a three-cylinder aggregate of 1.2 MPI/55 kW. A higher performance is offered by the modern turbocharged 1.2 TSI/63 kW and 77 kW engines. The most powerful engine for the Rapid is the highly reliable turbocharged four-cylinder 1.4 TSI/90 kW. For selected countries the offering is supplemented by the tried and tested 1.6 MPI/77 kW aggregate.


A good option is the 1.6 TDI CR DPF/77 kW diesel motor with pleasant performance and low fuel consumption.


All TSI and TDI engines are available in the Green tec version, which means greater fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.


Depending on the engine, vehicles come with standard 5 or 6-speed transmission. The automatic 6-speed DSG transmission is also available for the 1.4 TSI/90 kW.​

ŠKODA Rapid DSG transmission

The unique DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) transmission merges the advantages of a standard transmission and a normal automatic transmission. Thanks to its very rapid shifting it enables you to achieve excellent acceleration. By selecting the appropriate levels the DSG can keep the engine in an optimal operating mode, and in this economic driving mode it enables you to enjoy great levels of fuel consumption, not to mention CO2 emissions.


The seven-speed DSG transmission, which shifts with remarkable fluidity and also offers surprisingly low consumption, is available with the 1.4 TSI/90 kW engine. ​

ŠKODA Rapid Instrument panel

The instrument cluster is practically arranged for easy driver orientation. The instrument panel is located in the traditional spot behind the steering wheel, which is optimal from the driver’s perspective. With its clean, clear style the instrument cluster wonderfully complements the exterior design.​

ŠKODA Rapid multimedia compartment

The multimedia compartment in the centre console in the Rapid creates a safe space for transporting small devices like an iPod or mobile telephone.​

ŠKODA Rapid wastebasket

Packages from refreshments and other similar trash can be disposed of during your journey in a wastebasket placed in the front doors. It can easily be removed when you need to empty it.​